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  1. Add 4526 to FP and 5392 to 126 Street. (4705 has new ads on it but still has an O/S-Hold tag on it; I suspect that 1300, 4705, 5392, and 5412 will re-enter service come fall pick.)


    Wonder what is causing all these D60s to come back from storage... shortage perhaps? (I apologize if I am super late in comprehending this situation)


    Also, I wonder if more stored D60s will come back; it's so strange to see 1300 and 4705 back, and especially 5392.

  2. Is the HSR in South Korea four-tracked? .__.


    Also, I was under the impression that while speeds above 360km/h are possible, it wasn't very feasible to do (excessive noise, wear and tear on catenary, etc.). If you look at the French speed record runs, you can see the catenary actually smoking due to the high speeds.


    South Korea also isn't very big, so I'm not sure what the time advantage of the higher speed was (although the acceleration looks amazing).


    The HSR isn't four-tracked, but at stations there are bypass tracks and then other tracks for some trains to stop at.


    Speeds for 350 km/h were actually possible as early as 2005-2007, but the plan to speed up service didn't go out as expected, and the production units of the 350 km/h demo (HSR350X) were set for 300-310 km/h only.

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