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  1. Only SEPTA, MTA and NFTA have LFS buses with the roof-level rear destination sign. Combined with the absence of rear windows, I guess it can define a style introduced with the SEPTA orders. Boo to no more roof cap though.
  2. A LFS CNG prototype was recently seen testing in Montreal. As far as I know the first demos are expected in May with Calgary Transit. Not sure if they would be built in Montreal or Plattsburgh?
  3. In the latest edition of the Nova newsletter, a new rear design for the LFS is introduced. The rear cap appears to have been streamlined somewhat. The roof trim is also different. A preview of the 4th generation LFS? Details here.
  4. As far as I know: CT Transit (60-footers), Duke University (60-footers), SEPTA (40- and 60-footers on order), LYNX (60-footers on order) In Canada: Banff, Grand River Transit, Strathcona, TransLink (Vancouver), Brantford and a number of Quebec TAs (all 40-footers).
  5. No, it's a Halifax unit. The video was shot at their Quebec plant, and the NYC Artics are built in Plattsburgh NY.
  6. Don't forget Philadelphia, 70 Artic hybrids on order.
  7. Correct, though I don't see which other major TA they might be referring to. Montreal?
  8. Do we know which MTA buses this news release is referring to? It would appear that both a 40-footer and a 60-footer are now in active service with 2013 engines.

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