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  1. I had the same reaction when I got my CDL permit! I was at the window at the DMV after passing the test and I thought they had screwed up - the woman was very helpful though and quickly explained it to me. Congrats on passing the test and good luck!
  2. Did he have a right to refuse?
  3. He started out as a teenager riding and reviewing MBTA routes in Boston for his blog. I guess he's down in the Philly-South Jersey area now.
  4. All of the route assessments on his site are like that.
  5. You many want to also consider contacting your local Assembly member or State Senator to see if they can help.
  6. Nice shots. What is it with so many of the 9600's having non-functioning front signs? The 9500's don't seem to have nearly the same problem with their signs.
  7. Congratulations and best of luck out there!
  8. Those are great resources! Remember, practice practice practice! Memorize those - you should be saying them in your sleep by the time the road test comes around!
  9. How often do they practice the skills test (backup, offset and parallel parking)? If you're not doing that every working day in the week or two leading up to the road test, I could see why people fail it. I found the backup and offset to be pretty easy once you got the hang of it, but parallel parking a 40-foot bus in a 55-foot 'box' takes time to get it down so you can do it consistently.
  10. The Pretrip is all about memorization of course, but it's also about doing it confidently so that the DMV examiner thinks you know what you're talking about. The other trick is to be ready to start anywhere and not get flustered - we had one woman at our place who the examiner asked to start her inspection outside the bus, and when she got to the in-cab inspection she forgot to do the static brake test and failed (she later passed on her next try).
  11. I agree with this - why pay for CDL training when an agency will pay you to get your license? If you are skilled enough to get through the 10-day training, you will be qualified enough to pass the DMV road test.
  12. The medical examination is only required if you self-certify as 'NI' (Non-Excepted Interstate) or 'NA' (Non-Excepted Intrastate) when applying for your CDL permit. If you select 'EI' (Excepted Interstate) or 'EA' (Excepted Intrastate), you will not need to have the medical exam completed prior to taking the permit test and they will add the A3 restriction to your permit. Good luck on the permit test - study the DMV Commercial Driver's Manual well.
  13. About giving your current employer no notice if you pass the 10-day training - maybe I'm just old school, but I believe in not burning any bridges with previous employers if at all possible. Getting an MTA job is a big deal, like entering the police or fire academies. In my life experience most people respect that. I would recommend being honest with your employer if you feel comfortable doing so and tell them what's up and when you are going for training. Some employers might be jerks and show you the door, but if you are a valued employee then others will likely be willing to have you come back if things don't work out with the B/O training. Just my two cents worth.
  14. Someone should have called 911 on those idiots.
  15. There is no reason for railfans to be rushing to the J/Z in the middle of a pandemic if the R32's come back - you've had since 2013 to get in all your RFW rides and take pictures and video of the 32's on these lines. Respect the transit workers who are trying to do their jobs and stay healthy. Hopefully we can come out of this sooner rather than later and you can get your last R32 ride in during a proper farewell run.
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