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  1. Wow, just like that. Surprised that they didn't do a media event with one last RTS run, they way they publicized Blitz Fishbowl 5227 back in the day.
  2. Only 11 RTS buses tracking at 8:00 a.m. this morning: FB: 5038, 5058, 5139, 5171, 5174 MQ: 5217, 5218, 5224, 5225, 5226, 5237 It appears that Monday was the final day of RTS operation at Ulmer Park.
  3. Gillig bids on very few large-city orders. Their business model for a long time has been to compete for smaller and medium-sized orders that the big guys often overlook in their desire to win big-city orders. It's worked for them. I also believe that it can be deceiving to look at any city and make judgments about bus models based on a limited sample size. The RTS was the most indestructible bus since the GM Old Look, yet some cities had difficulty keeping theirs on the road to even meet the FTA 12-year requirement. I've also ridden on Gilligs that are 15 years old and rode just fine. Quality of maintenance counts for a lot.
  4. Those 2003 D60HF's lasted 16 years in hard service - that is a tremendous accomplishment for an articulated bus. Many transit agencies struggle to get the mandated 12 years out of an artic. Kudos to the TA mechanics.
  5. Glad to see this - many other transit agencies and other employers allow polo shirts as part of the summer uniform or dress code.
  6. Wonder which hybrid drive system these buses have?
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if NICE contracted out the actual operation of the express routes - it would certainly help to avoid the depot space issue.
  8. The MTA is not the only source of information regarding Federal funding - there are various websites including FTA and New York state which show what projects are funded, how much, etc. Sometimes all you get is a project title so it may take some sleuthing to find out what exactly the project funding paid for.
  9. Schedules are a suggestion at best. To prove whether SBS is an improvement or not, a meaningful data sample of actual trip times before and after is needed.
  10. At this point, there really isn't much difference between a 22-year-old bus and a 19-year-old bus. If those remaining '96 buses are reliable and in decent condition, might as well retire the worst of the '99's first.
  11. Very little savings in fuel expense running a short bus instead of a standard 40-footer. Driver gets paid the same which accounts for most of the variable expense of operating the bus.
  12. I don't know ... the idea of segregating wheelchair-bound patrons to a separate lower level of the bus just doesn't seem right, even if the ramp is an improvement over the current lifts.
  13. Excellent photos as always!

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