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  1. My apologies for a late reply. Here are your signs. :cool:

  2. Yeah, now it's very common to see the Excelsiors in New Haven, as well as smaller versions in Waterbury. Don't know the frequency in Hartford. Artics are in New Haven, mostly on the D Buses
  3. When you wait for who knows how long for a train to show up at NH-State St just so you can ride to Union Station
  4. Awesome, what time were you there? I was there a few minutes before 4 yesterday
  5. All it says in yiddish is "Zera Yitzchak Buses", that's the company's name I think.
  6. Luckily, the train is okay http://www.theonion.com/video/autistic-reporter-train-thankfully-unharmed-in-cra,20098/
  7. Yeah, they've been hanging around at the same place in Stamford for a longggggg time
  8. Thanks so much dude, you're awesome. Newton, though. Without the "w" Don't worry, you don't have to redo it if it's too much of a hassle though, I appreciate it anyways
  9. Can you make me an R160 sign, but in green, that says DESTINATION: RIVERSIDE ENTERING: NEWTON CENTER like the pic? http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3267/3154721330_529897fa2f.jpg thanks
  10. Not at all, they've had some parts removed I believe, and there is a 99.9% chance that they'll never be used in revenue service again. I believe that right now they're working out museum arrangements, future, etc.
  11. Orange please B) Sorry I took so long to get back. Also, can you make one that says B Whalley Avenue Dntwn New Haven ? (in orange also) Thanks
  12. The FL9s are still visible from Union Station's platforms, and while coming into New Haven Eastbound.
  13. Hey, what's up? Would you be able to make me a bus sign saying Bx1 - Medical District Union Station Bx1 - via Whalley Ave via MLK Blvd Thanks
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