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  1. The ® is not running 24/7. The map posted upthread is (stupidly) based on normal, non-late night service. Note how it also shows the © along 8th Avenue (which to answer your question Shortline, is also running express to make room for the ).
  2. Not to mention the during the 1995 Manhattan Bridge closure, and the yellow in 1998.
  3. You can't single-track for that long a distance for several reasons, not least of which being that I highly doubt signalling and equipment makes it physically possible. But why is the cancelled? Look at some of the scenarios other people have posted. "The D is cancelled" is an answer, not a question. There's nothing that would cause the MTA to just cancel the D if all the tracks and stations were still fully operational.
  4. There aren't any switches nearby that would allow uptown trains to access the downtown track. trains would have to single-track from south of Wall Street; trains from South Ferry. Once you had all the uptown trains on Track 2 (the downtown express track), you couldn't switch them back until after 34th Street. (Not to mention that I doubt the line is setup for that much wrong-railing.) Also, I concur with NX Express that your scenario doesn't make sense. Why is it cancelled? What part of the line is affected? What prevents me from just saying, "Create a new Y train from 205 Street to Coney Island via CPW/6 Av Express, 4th Av Express, and the West End Line" (or in other words, just rename the D something silly like the Y, or the greek letter pi, or the smiley face train)?
  5. Certainly possible, but I think the consensus here is that for reasons I don't understand, the MTA avoids using the switches north of W 4th at all costs. Plus, the would need to move to the local tracks at some point before the leaves anyway in order to access the Rutgers St. Tunnels.
  6. *rolls eyes* Really? Most likely: end early. (and ) via 6th Avenue local; to 2nd Avenue.
  7. Do we know where the boundaries of the Fastrack are going to be yet? I realize the 6th Avenue one ended at West 4th, so that may be a good indication, but I would still be surprised if the 8th Avenue one didn't go all the way to Jay.
  8. Sure... it's a relatively easy one I think. Due to some sort of malfunction -- I'm not an engineer -- the switches south of Columbus Circle are impassible. Trains from Upper Manhattan/The Bronx can terminate at 59th, and the from 53rd Street is unaffected, but trains from Central Park West cannot access Eighth OR Sixth Avenue.
  9. That could definitely work. Failure on my part not to think of turning the at Chambers. And I like your full-length orange .
  10. Here's my solution. rerouted via the between West 4th and Jay. Express from 168th to 59th ONLY. ( runs 24/7 from 168th Street to Coney Island (Brighton local). suspended. normal. runs to 34th Street only. (runs on express tracks on 8th Avenue) normal. (Mx) rerouted to 95th/Bay Ridge. runs in two sections: Astoria to Herald Square, and Whitehall Street to Coney Island. suspended. suspended.
  11. If the problems only at Canal, why are you running everything via 6th Avenue? I mean, you'd still have the same problem with capacity, but there's no reason to switch at 59th instead of West 4th. And before I make another stupid mistake before I try to answer, I'm assuming both levels of Canal are closed?
  12. regular service. ( suspended. 168 St-World Trade Center via CPW/8 Av local 205 St-Coney Island via CPW/8 Av local, Houston Street, Culver line. Jamaica Center-Euclid Avenue via 53rd Street/8 Av Express, Fulton local. One train runs from 179th to Church Avenue via Crosstown, the other is suspended, doesn't really matter what you call it. (Mx) Metropolitan to Coney Island (Sea Beach) shuttle from Astoria to Times Square. Whitehall Street to Coney Island (Brighton local) shuttle from 36th to 95th. (ETA: I realized I also forgot you could turn trains from Brooklyn at West 4th. It may make more sense to run the to West 4th and the up to Whitehall, but I'm not really sure how much difference it would actually make.)
  13. Jesus Christ. I don't know how I missed that. The 8th Avenue thing makes a lot more sense now.
  14. Here's my best effort on this one. However, I'm not sure what the 8th Avenue line has to do with it, since as you just said/implied, 8th Avenue only has access to the Culver line -- or in a pinch, Jamaica/Myrtle -- which doesn't help the Broadway Line terribly much. rerouted to 53rd Street. (Mx) rerouted to Nassau Street, Montague Tunnel, 4th Avenue Local to Bay Ridge. runs from Astoria to Times Square only. suspended, replaced by 24/7 B service. rerouted via 63rd Street, 6th Avenue express, 4th Avenue Express/Sea Beach. normal service, but slightly reduced to make room for additional (® trains. extended to 71st/Continental to replace the (and the at Queens Plaza).
  15. There's this mythical number of 30 tph a lot of people have in their heads, but I think it's important to realize that just because one section of track is capable of handling 30 tph doesn't mean every section of track in the entire system is capable of doing so. I'm not saying that running the together the way you have it is impossible, but it's definitely something to keep in mind. One question I do have though, is that the way I'm reading it, you have the all going on the Fulton line. Are all of them necessary? Also, I'd question your ability to turn both the and at Chambers. Single tracks like that generally aren't meant really meant to turn trains, although they're more than capable of doing so. The ran far fewer than that combined 16 tph, and still had significant delays trying to turn at Whitehall with a similar setup.

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