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  1. Well here's my first post in awhile! Here are some of the many shots I took while trying out my D5300! I used Nikon's 50mm f1.8g for the most part in these. Enjoy! Please comment! Any tips are welcomed as well. Thanks guys!
  2. Didn't have a camera with me, so this is taken with my LG G4 at Coney Island. Enjoy:
  3. Here are some R68s, R160s, BMT D types, Arnines, etc! Enjoy and comment!
  4. Being a student in Penn State's Rail Transportation Engineering degree has its moments! Last Thursday we were on the Track Geometry Car and Theater car. Now since their are 90 photos and 2 videos here is a link to the imgur gallery because not everybody has a fast computer and it could slow down this page. So here is a slideshow: http://imgur.com/a/llkmA Thumbs up for clear shots using a Cannon Powershot while going backwards at 110mph! Here are the videos: P.S. I also found out that Amtrak will be donating an AEM-7 to Penn State Altoona for us to use in our studies. So that should be fun! It is one of my favorite locomotives.
  5. It started snowing a little before 10:30/10am
  6. These were taken around 11:30ish if I remember correctly.
  7. I have a Cannon Powershot sx230hs so keep in mind that I do not have a nice DSLR (Although I would love one haha) I tried my best with my equipment as always: And I tried Sepia tone on two images... Please Comment!
  8. Thanks and good seeing you too! Thank you very much!
  9. All of these shots are from the day of the museum train run, Enjoy!
  10. Yeah there's also a sign at the 231st street station if you look up from the sidewalk. Thank you very much!
  11. Went to the loop, and also stopped at 225st! Enjoy!
  12. R68 is the only one currently not assigned to the and . Also the R160 is the only NTT on the list...so you could go that route... get it
  13. . This might be hard...Think station stops...
  14. The goes through three boroughs while the and do not.
  15. Thank you you guys! Means a lot!
  16. It used to be 238st then I moved so now its 231st. Thank you! It my favorite too!
  17. I would have probably been confused if I was on this train Lol! The fact that the R46 can't operate on Nassua or Myrtle probably wouldn't have been on my mind that moment. Great catch!
  18. Thank you! The definitely has some interesting places to stop and take pictures!

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