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  1. Its called being in a studyhall and being bored? Still in high school man
  2. I was listening in to the FDNY Manhattan Fire Dispatch Radio Frequency and a rescue company along with a battalion was called to a "Person underneath train" 10-91 was called which is a medical emergency. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. Katonah and Poughkeepsie just because they both have nastolgic memories of being a young rail fan
  4. You know your addicted to the subway when you explain in vast details to tourists about how to get from A to B and which cars to be in you know your addicted to the subway when you take routes longer (to your job or school) just because you want a variety of different equipment
  5. when you hum along with the propulsion sounds on the M7/M8 and memorize the announcements (and say them under your breath)
  6. does the engineer spot the train visually at belmont? or is there a marker indication 10-12 MU
  7. sorry but i feel as if they are making a big deal over nothing really. Okay so the C/R made a mistake. It just seems as if the woman who was affected wanted some TV time and decided to call NY1. Sorry but mistakes happen. Sure there maybe 2 boards. Still. At least no one was hurt and the fall can be fatal if there was no walkway, but there was still a cat walk. Sorry thats just my take
  8. i believe 8713-8722 was actually designed as a prototype for rush hour commutes but quickly was shut down because commuters didn't like it (or for whatever other reason)
  9. Just a quick question. Does anyone know when transit is going to change the strip maps on the ? When I ride it (which is everyday) at 51st it says connection is available to the and trains. However the announcement says the train. I did notice however that the on the strip maps have been taken off. Does anyone know when they will put the on the strip maps? Is it only a matter of time considering it is still brand new?
  10. oh yeah the has really got to get its act together
  11. I did notice that too none of the intervals were programed in but later on in the rush (around 10:30 on) most of the trains were programed and I did see one R160 consist this morning
  12. I went out to queens this morning to visit some friends and I took the (which was a 46) however on the platform during the morning rush i did see a few trains. To me it doesn't really feel the same without the . On my return trip I took the new service and thats where I really got sad. I just doesn't feel the same without the V. Also because of the 8 car consist it seems much more crowded. Maybe it's just me. What do you guys think?
  13. how is a 12-9 possible at HP? There are timers in both directions at that station
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