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  1. Well I saw the 6389 yesterday on the 25. But I'm sure Hilton should be up to 6395 by now.
  2. I wonder if Hilton will be finished at 6395 or not,I'm just waiting for that day when I see a Nabi on the Go25.
  3. I saw the 6386 on the 25 at Broad and Market st. Not really important to this topic... at least I'm not sure,but I also saw the 1538 on the 31-Maplewood Loop with the Red & Tan colors.
  4. Yep I got on it just after Irvington Terminal around 9:40.
  5. I was on the 6383 on the 70-Short Hills Mall route going to Summit this morning. And it broke down after we passed Hilton Garage ... not sure what happened,but it wouldn't move so we had to get on another bus. Then later on in Irvington,I saw the 6383 again,this time going to Penn Station probably,so at least they fixed the bus.
  6. It's been a while since I took any pictures -------- Yesterday,while I was on the 62 going back to Downtown,Newark after my shopping,I saw a Baby Nova on the 24A,a few blocks before Lincoln Park My first reaction was surprise,to finally see it,after reading about it on here. So I was lucky that the 62 beat the 24 to Broad and Market St. so I could take pics,and I got off the 62 and waited for the 24 and got this -------- And while I was there waiting for the 1 to go home,I found another Baby Nova - 2541 on the 31 going to Penn Station
  7. The highest Numbered Nabi that I saw was the 6374 earlier today on the 27 at Irvington Terminal.
  8. Well... I was on the 6371 on the 25 earlier so yeah this is crazy.
  9. I saw the 6327 on the 25 so now it's confirm that the newer Nabi's that Hilton has starts from 6326. Not sure who has 6324-6325.
  10. Ok what I saw while in Downtown Newark today 6359 on the 27F 6357 on the 1 (Near my house) and about the 6326 ... eh I could be wrong,but I was pretty sure I also saw that in Downtown as well,but I don't know which line it was (1 or 25) Unless someone else can confirm that Hilton has 6326-6327
  11. If anybody was wondering,Hilton still has 1514 since I saw it earlier on the 25 in Irvington.,, it's the 2nd time in nearly a year that I saw it,so I guess they don't use it much. Oh! and also,I saw the 6353 on the 25 earlier in Downtown.
  12. Uh did ya get enough shots of the 1203? lol so many!
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