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  1. Do we have a definitive source for the shell being built at 10th and 41st? I know there was a huge cry for it to be built (and it ought to have been), but I've never seen anything explicitly stating that the shell was planned or was built.
  2. Probably most of the B Division lines could handle 1M passengers per day. The struggles partially because it has smaller A Division cars. If the or the or the carried 1M passengers/day, they would be comparably crowded to the with about 700k passengers/day.
  3. Here's a general summary of the Queens routings: N/W (the Astoria/LaGuardia/Bayside Line): Extended along Ditmars Blvd to the GCP, then along the GCP past LaGuardia to Citi Field, then along Northern Blvd to Crocheron Ave, then along Crocheron Ave to 35th Ave, then along 35th Ave to terminate at Bell Blvd/Bayside. N is express, W is local; W terminates at Main St/Flushing. K/L/O (the Northern Blvd/College Point Line): Along 36th Ave in Astoria to Northern Blvd, then along Northern Blvd to 154th St, then along 154th St to Clintonville St, then along Clintonville St to 14th Ave, then along 14th Ave to terminate at College Point Blvd/College Point. K/L are express, O is local; O terminates at Main St/Flushing. 7 (the Flushing/Little Neck Line): Extended from Flushing/Main St to Parsons Blvd, then along Parsons Blvd to 46th Ave, then along 46th Ave to 47th Ave/Hollis Ct Blvd, then along 47th Ave to Rocky Hill Rd/48th Ave, then along 48th Ave to Queensborough Community College, then cutting under/near Oakland Lake to Northern Blvd, then along Northern Blvd to Little Neck Pkwy/Little Neck. Rush hour express goes all the way to Little Neck. J/Z (the Long Island Line): Runs alongside the LIE all the way to terminate at Bell Blvd/Oakland Gardens. J is local, Z is express; J terminates at Kissena Blvd/Queens College. A/M (the Metropolitan Ave/Union Tpke/Glen Oaks Line): Described above. F/V (the Hillside Ave/Floral Park Line): Extended along Hillside Ave to Braddock Ave, then along Braddock Ave to Jericho Tpke, then along the Jericho Tpke to terminate at Little Neck Pkwy/Floral Park. F is express; V is local. V terminates at 179th St/Jamaica. E/R (the Jamaica Ave/Hollis Ave/Queens Village/Belmont Line): Extended along the LIRR tracks near Jamaica Ave to Hollis Ave, then along Hollis Ave to Springfield Blvd, then terminating at Hempstead Ave/Belmont/Queens Village. The E is express; the R is local. The R terminates at Farmers Blvd/Hollis. Z (the Rosedale Line): Extended along the LIRR tracks to terminate at Francis Lewis Blvd/Rosedale. (J is local, terminates at Sutphin Blvd.) Will summarize the last few later, have to go.
  4. Travel between the Bronx and Brooklyn: (. Plus, on this map, and Y. All of these (save maybe the , since it's local on CPW) would be faster than taking a local through Queens to Brooklyn. It's not any faster to get from the Bronx to Brooklyn to go through Queens than Manhattan, and it's probably actually slower because the demand certainly doesn't exist for express routes between the outer boroughs. This whole argument is ridiculous. Most subway riders want to get to Manhattan. There's a reason no one rides the as it exists currently save those who are forced to because it's their only subway service.
  5. Absolutely. The K (to Springfield Gardens) and L (to Canarsie) are express, the O (to Kings Plaza) is local. Pretty sure 34th St itself doesn't have much under it. The LIRR and Amtrak lines go under 32nd and 33rd Sts. Might be impossible anyway, although if it were under 35th St but with exits on 34th St, that might work. As for necessity, the point is to get the G and H to Manhattan more than to provide additional crosstown service, although I disagree that more crosstown service isn't helpful. That's the H, actually. The H goes from the Bronx to Manhattan via Queens; the G goes from Brooklyn to Manhattan via Queens (with two branches in Brooklyn). The direct Bronx to Queens connection is fairly helpful, too, since all of the existing Bronx-to-Manhattan connections go on to Brooklyn rather than Queens. The map doesn't show this very well due to the stylization; there's actually not much of a hole there. The J (local) and Z (express) go along the LIE, and it's not that far from the A and M on Metropolitan Avenue. There's more of a hole between Woodside and the LIE (around 69th St between 51st Ave and Queens Boulevard is pretty far away from any lines), but I'm sort of at a loss as to how to better cover the area. I think this map does a decent job. The A (express) and M (local) travel under Myrtle Ave to Gates Ave, then Gates Ave to Metropolitan Ave, then Metropolitan Ave to Union Tpke, then along Union Tpke until terminating at Bell Blvd (the M) or Lakeville Rd (the A). The Myrtle Ave Line is totally rebuilt underground (the M is under Myrtle Ave west of Broadway as well). I basically agree. I was a little uncomfortable though since the transfer at Spring St/Lafayette St is only to the 6, so J/Z riders wouldn't have a connection to the Financial District. I would only run some trains down there at rush hours if it's preserved at all. Yes, the 4 goes to JFK. It crosses the E (not the A, which is rerouted to the Metropolitan Ave Line) at Aqueduct/North Conduit. It then has stops at Lefferts Blvd and 130th St before turning south to JFK. The V to Rockaway Park was designed to eliminate the "split ends" of the E on the existing Rockaway tracks, although it may no longer be necessary, you're right.
  6. Here's the promised update, using a style based on the London Tube Map. Granted, it's not finished--there are no route or stations labels right now. However, I'm happy to explain anything. (There's also a somewhat inconsistent use of the transfer station symbol to indicate express stops.)
  7. Where is 7th Ave but in Park Slope? I think it's the busiest stop on the Culver Line, too. Not like you're missing busy stops if it's stopping there.
  8. No, you and John Liu are just being whiners. The MTA has a lot of problems. However, those problems stem largely from decisions made by politicians and the public, not by the MTA itself. Politicians have decided to cut funding for the MTA every year and proceed to dip into the designated MTA fund whenever they want, forcing the agency to increase fares. Additionally, they create unfunded mandates like the free rides for schoolchildren (admirable, but the state and city should be paying for it, not the MTA). And the riders and politicians demand that the trains run at all hours, yet the MTA has to update their signals and repair their tracks and tunnels some time. You don't get a free lunch. Politicians and riders have to accept higher fares or greater government contribution. They also have to accept that maintenance has to happen at some time--either the system has to shut down late at night, or services have to be altered at night or on the weekends to allow for maintenance. You want to fix the MTA? Stop voting for the idiots who whine about inadequate service from one side of their mouths and then cut funding from the other side.
  9. One of the terms of the transfer of the land from the state was that it would not be used for residential development. There will never be residential development on Governor's Island. Also not sure what you're replying to.
  10. I just use a regular image-editor to modify an existing map. (This map is based on the map from UrbanRail.net.) In theory you could do it in Paint, although I prefer using Gimp. (It's a free download, quick Google search should turn it up.)
  11. The point is to get a one-seat from the Jamaica Line into Midtown without clogging up some other line. It will only go under 5th Ave from Washington Square Park to 50th St before curving out to Queens, so it's not enormously redundant. (The Nassau St Line would become a rush-hour-only branch from the Jamaica/5th Ave Line.) Also gives me a way to make the Long Island Line (along the LIE) separate from the Flushing Line. Otherwise 42nd St could get really clogged.
  12. Haven't been back in a while, and people are commenting on my map! The N is express on the Queens route, and the W local. The W is the only service at a lot of stations. The W to Bay Pkwy is like the old M to Bay Pkwy pre-2009. Not terribly useful, but better than clogging the terminals in lower Manhattan. As for SI, the solution is to extend SIRR to Brooklyn at 59th St and 36th St for transfers to the express trains, not to send a local train there. Or, alternatively, to build a Manhattan-to-SI tunnel, but I didn't want to bother getting into debates over SI. Whatever, that's like 20 people a day. Not worth it. The only reason the Rockaway Shuttle exists is to prevent the A from having to be split three times (except at rush hours). is express in Brooklyn, as is T. Only the C is local on the Fulton St Line. Lefferts gets two expresses. (No one in Lefferts cares whether their train is express in Manhattan, and express on the 8th Ave Line skips only like two stops anyway.) Also, it's a lot easier to hook up the Worth St connection to the express than the local at Canal St. Certainly possible, just costly. We use vowels for other trains. And who cares what the official designation is? MTA workers will know the difference, and straphangers don't know the shuttle's designation. Yeah, the whole Jamaica El is torn down and put underground (and now goes under Atlantic Ave instead of Jamaica Ave--the Fulton Line is also nudged southward and goes under Pitkin Ave-133rd Ave-Linden Blvd instead of Liberty Ave). This will have to happen within fifty years anyway. The J terminates at Sutphin Blvd now. (And the Z is a full-time express on the reconstructed Jamaica Line--no need for skip-stop.) Not really sure what you're objecting to here. All of those lines except the currently stop at Atlantic/Pacific. The T connection creates a way to transfer from the Fulton St Line to the former BMT lines without using the Franklin Ave shuttle. It is merged with the Whitehall St/South Ferry stop as a connection has been constructed. I did accidentally leave off labels from a couple of stations, though; I'll leave it to you to figure out which ones. Sending the M there would be silly (new version sends it to terminate with the Q on the west side), and the H has to travel over the island anyway. Might as well have a stop. Also, I'll have a new version of the map posted at some point relatively soon. The new version will use a new style imitating the London Tube Map rather than the current style. I made a couple of radical changes* and some small changes as well. *The Jamaica-Fifth Ave-Long Island Expressway Line!
  13. If you want to foam about light rail, do it in your own thread. Anyway, I like some of the map. As others have pointed out, you seem to run A Division and B Division trains together, however, which is not possible. Also, there are a few places where your map just looks odd... Why the to Sheepshead Bay? Why not split the Jamaica Av Line to get service to places like Laurelton or Springfield Gardens?
  14. Not really. Why would anyone take your circuitous route north to the GWB and then back south? Better to just have the HBLR extension as it is supposed to happen. People will then take the HBLR from Bergen County to Hoboken and the PATH into NYC, which is a lot faster than your design. Also, you didn't include any extension to Tenafly (north of Englewood)...Where is the Tenafly extension you're talking about?
  15. Outline of service, taking into account the removal of the branch and the M to Broadway/125th St. Broadway/7th Ave Local Mosholu Ave to South Ferry, all times Broadway/7th Ave Express White Plains Rd Local Nostrand Ave Local Wakefield to Kings Hwy, all times; late nights extended to Voorhies Ave Late nights local Broadway-7th Ave Express Jerome Ave Local Eastern Pkwy Local Woodlawn to New Lots Ave, all times except late nights Late nights runs from Woodlawn to 34th St via local Lexington Ave Express Jerome Ave Express Eastern Pkwy Express Woodlawn Heights to Howard Beach, all times Late nights local Lexington Ave Express Dyre Local (some trains express at rush hour) Nostrand Ave Express Eastchester to Sheepshead Bay, all times except late nights Late nights runs from Eastchester to 180th St Rush hours some trains start at Nereid Ave, run express on White Plains Rd Lexington Ave Local Pelham Local (some trains express at rush hour) Pelham Bay Park to Brooklyn Bridge, all times 42nd St Local Flushing Local (some trains express at rush hour) Little Neck to 23rd St, all times (8) 42nd St Local Long Island Local (some trains express at rush hour) Oakland Gardens to 23rd St, all times 8th Ave Express Fordham Local Union Turnpike Express Throgs Neck to Glen Oaks, all times Late nights local 8th Ave Local Fulton Local Far Rockaway Local (some trains) Washington Heights to Far Rockaway, all times except late nights Late nights runs from Far Rockaway to Cross Bay Blvd All times except late nights, some trains on Fulton Line terminate at Cross Bay Blvd 8th Ave Local Queens Blvd Express Fulton Express 224th St to JFK Airport, all times Late nights local on the Fulton Line ( 6th Ave Express CPW Local Grand Concourse Local Brighton Express Edenwald to Brighton Beach, weekdays Late nights and weekends, no service 6th Ave Express CPW Express Grand Concourse Express 4th Ave/West End Express Edenwald to Coney Island, all times Late nights local on Grand Concourse 6th Ave Local Queens Blvd Express Culver Local Florham Park to Kings Hwy, all times Late nights local Late nights and weekends terminates at Church Av 6th Ave Local Queens Blvd Local Utica Ave Express Jamaica to Far Rockaway, all times except late nights Late nights runs from Herald Square to Far Rockaway via local 34th St Local Culver Local 11th Ave to Church Ave, all times H 34th St Local Randalls Island Local Co-op City to 11th Ave, all times Nassau St Local Broadway/Atlantic Ave Local Broad St to Sutphin Blvd, all times Late nights and weekends extended to Rosedale via local Late nights, some trains to Springfield Gardens via Rockaway Blvd Local Nassau St Local Broadway/Atlantic Ave Express Broad St to Rosedale, weekdays Late nights and weekends, no service K 10th Ave Local Northern Blvd Local Utica Ave Local 35th Ave to Kings Plaza, all times except late nights Late nights, no service (Flushing Ave stop is closed late nights; alternatively, I might get rid of that stop entirely as it's a little redundant.) 10th Ave Express Northern Blvd Express Canarsie Express College Point to Canarsie, all times Late nights via local O 10th Ave Local Northern Blvd Local Canarsie/Atlantic Ave/Rockaway Blvd Local 35th Ave to Springfield Gardens, all times except late nights Late nights, no service (Rockaway Blvd Local served by ) M 2nd Ave Local 125th St Local Union Turnpike Local Broadway/125th St to Bell Blvd, all times except late nights Late nights, no service 2nd Ave Express 3rd Ave Local Fulton Express via Atlantic Ave Bypass Gun Hill Rd to Cambria Heights, all times Late nights via local Y 2nd Ave Express Throgs Neck Local Culver Express via Clinton St Bypass Throgs Neck to Coney Island, all times Late nights via local Broadway Express Bayside/Astoria Express 4th Ave/Sea Beach Express Bayside to Coney Island, all times Late nights local Broadway Express 2nd Ave Local Brighton Local Broadway/125th St to Coney Island, all times Broadway Local Queens Blvd Local 4th Ave/Bay Ridge Local Farmers Blvd to Bay Ridge, all times except late nights Late nights runs from Bay Ridge to 59th St (Brooklyn) Broadway Local Bayside/Astoria Local 4th Ave/West End Local 154th St to Bay Pkwy, all times except late nights Late nights, no service Note on the Culver Line Okay, so this is the most complicated design on the map. The and meet up on the Culver Local as usual at Bergen St. At Smith-9th St, the Y joins the Culver Express (although it does not stop at Smith-9th as the express does not). The Y then runs express with the F & G local until Church Ave. At Church Ave, the G terminates. The Y continues express in the peak direction only while switching to local on the off-peak direction (and is local both directions late nights and weekends). Late nights and weekends, the F terminates at Church Ave with the G. On the weekdays, the F continues local in both directions to Kings Hwy. At Kings Hwy, the F terminates and the Y continues local in both directions to Coney Island.
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