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  1. PROOVE you are white!!!!....your comments (which are completely racist)...seems to make you black...I dont know why you didn't come prepared with a hefty box of tissues....need some? LMFAO:cry:
  2. I think Craine over there is working for WALDO himself for some sort of bonus incentive!!!....As a matter of factoid...i feel that he is WALDOS' secretary....since he is contantly writing manuscripts that are about 450 miles long....Crain...i understand that being a "colored" person has been overly traumatic for you these past 30 years of your miserable life...but i have been reading some of your "literature"...and find you completely appauling in every sence of that word...You consistantly degrade just about everyone in every post...you talk about things which you can only speculate on with no "concrete" evidence or support.....and I'm wondering why Harry continuously allows you to abuse the fine people of this site with your disrespect and condecending remarks...BLACK OR WHITE! This is a wonderful place for exchanging valuable information that "US" future employees find very helpful and greatlly appreciate...By you consistently abusing your "PRIVILEGE"...you make it seem like everyone in here don't have a brain or feeling and you need to STOP...ty
  3. Don't you think this guy woulda got canned about 27 years ago if he was a slacker? or a snoozer? Obviously he is one hell of an employee cause he is still in that box doing a great job...this incident was just created by individuals working for Waldos' office just to have something to justify his absolutely criminal layoffs and cutbacks; since station agent layoffs are a very sensitive topic at the moment. We all slack or snooze from time to time...even Waldo..only diff with Waldo is that he got an office door with blinds on it!...As long as this gentleman is doing the job and getting it done...then they need to back off and stop looking for propoganda. Excuse me but... why not fire or lay off about 10 upper management positions for 10 newbies??? that move would actually save jobs!!!
  4. Listen...I know that there are far worse things than an old man takin a snooze at city hall station....namingly mayor Bloomberg turning approximately 2 billion of his own money into about 43 billion over the last 8 years....uhm...excuse me...but can the IRS get cracking on Mayor Bloombergs personal finances and leave this distinguished honorable old man alone after 28 years of service without a snooze!!! GO TELL THE MTA BOSS WALDEN OR WALDBERG OR WALDO OR WHATEVER HIS NAME IS....that he needs to leave him alone and give him a raise...thank you and good day
  5. I was wondering that myself...could there be a mistake? Whatever the case may be..i hope everyone that did well on the exam gets called very soon; I think we all deserve at least the opportunity to attend school car.
  6. To the MTA T/O's with knowledge on initial hiring procedures and school car, Please give us up and coming T/O's an insight as to what we will expect after we have already recieved our official grades from DCAS. Please elaborate on the phases as well as time lines which you encountered while being hired as a potential T/O. Please give information about school car as a new hire....how many are chosen for each school car class...duration of school car...hours at which school car must be attended....and any other information that can be useful. Thank you for all your help and advice.:cool:
  7. Well...the only thing i can "guess" is...since you are a bus driver...your test must have been for a promotional slot...mine was open competetive...and they assigned you such a large number because they are seemingly bringing back bus drivers that they laid off or demoted...so basically you might be driving buses for a while if what i said is in fact "true". But look on the bright side i can be dead wrong and that 8 was a typo and your number is really 281!!! And since i read a thread that said that there were only about 833 promotionals...it does seem like they may have made a boo-boo...anyone else got any other ideas about this? please inform us all....thanks...:cool:
  8. Good evening everyone, Finally got my "OFFICIAL" results a few days ago...100% list number 36. I sure hope that number gets me into the next school car class. And since the state budget finally passed and the MTA already looking for fare increases of 7% sometime early next year...looks as if those school car classes may be filled in soon...Anyone else with news about school car in the near future...please post...thanks and gl to all of you.
  9. Good day every one, I'm trying to find out how and where can i find official results for exam 8098 (train Operator). I called the number they gave me which reaches an automated system within DCAS and they did infact tell me my score, list number, etc; however, I would like to know if there is a particular place where these results can be obtained "officially". Maybe a link within DCAS that i am completely unaware of??? Any and all information will br greatly appreciated and useful not only to myself but to others who are anxiously waiting for their results. Thanks everyone.
  10. Gambit

    Thank you

    Thanks Harry...and hello to everyone. I hope i can contribute to this forum in a useful way and i appreciate everyones input and help with answers to questions that I may have for this forum with regards to the current MTA. Once again...thanks for having me Harry...and I hope to make a few freinds along the way
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