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  1. I remember seeing William Pena in the bronx before he left to drive in Manhattan he was a good driver with Articulated Buses his quality of service and way ahead stop announcements will be missed. As for the driver of the stolen truck he needs to never be on the streets again
  2. Bus 5056 got repainted saw this one on Saturday doing a Subway Shuttle on the 2 line btwn Franklin Av & Flatbush - Brooklyn College had no ad's on it just a white back with the number & no decal to the left of the rear destination sign
  3. It sounded like a turbo engine inside 9151 but was that a turbo on a Detroit Diesel didnt know that could be possible I thought it only can go on Cummins Engines
  4. Manhattanville Depot M60 is now at 126th street Depot seen a couple of the NovaBus LFS Artics on the line UP Bus 9083 is at West Farms Depot was I saw it on the Bx21 with the depot stickers still in tact Bus 9151 has '98 overhead black front interior and is also at West Farms Depot with the West Farms Depot stickers on board & a turbo engine heard alot of screaming in the accelaration might be a Cummins M11 engine not to sure but it sounded like the engine that was placed in Bus 8876 when it operated from Gun Hill Depot
  5. They can just do what they did on the 6 before the full conversion of the Kawasaki R142A which was they ran all the redbirds to Pelham Bay Park & all the R62's last stops were set for 3rd Av - 138th Street & Parkchester, But if I had an opinion on where the R62's should go I would say it should go on a line that faces little or no destination sign changes or platform construction work & before placing the R62's on any line the announcements need to be modified to be loud & clear not no loud electrical buzzing sound then the piano but the r62's could work on any line as long as they keep the countdown timers working cause those really tell u where the train is going if the sign isnt being updated

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