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  1. You know I'm used to TW/WT, remember T/O rookie and C/R rookie for years. I don't mind weekdays I dont have kids anyway and everything is cheaper on those days I'm also going to limit posts here until probation is over next year (I keep a low profile), just like my two previous promotions.
  2. Its not the tunnels per se, its more the tight curves and tracks close together on those sections of track.
  3. And I start with MNR next week, would have been last November, but some loose ends had to be tied up.
  4. More of "what we can get", our government agencies have functioned on borrowed money for decades.
  5. 2008. Remember, promotional C/R called before O/C. They just got the O/C list last year.
  6. In the end, if money was the end-all factor, nothing mentioned here would go on except what TA is already doing. That's all they have the money for. Over half a billion dollars that would have gone to other projects and/or upgrades (fantasy or not) now goes to continuing to repair damange from Sandy. Thats the reality of it. Carry on.
  7. I always thought Brighton was the wrong trunk to add something... the branches in the city I considered were... Dyre Sea Beach Lenox Broadway (upper)
  8. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the two stations being where they at... one cant say close down one or the other without saying close down either Wall St or Bowling Green in the IRT. Its almost like one wants them closed just so the train can go faster into the joined station or Newkirk... as if that 30mph sign that many ignore at the head of Newkirk isn't there and that trains already are pushing 40 into Beverley s/b, quite possibly already the fastest station on that section of track.
  9. 24. Because of the usual ~five year gap between tests (at that time), the first time I was eligible to take it I was 21. Some who really want to come down here luck out and a test comes out soon after graduation and they get down here at ~20.
  10. Yeah transit use is high, its just its mostly buses cause of the seismic activity (yes i do realize theres some subways too). With better designed buses these days its improving however. Further tunneling in eastern queens is near shovel ready (lots of tail tracks ready to go), just very very expensive and its difficult to justify the cost to the rest of the city Of course new structure is NIMBY-hell although cheaper.
  11. I tell all those people working in Target whenever i shop there in uniform and they are amazed on how i got such a position so young. Thing is too, most of them have GED/HSD and just messed up after that... and they had no idea about civil service.
  12. There is also a bus depot at the far end of the yard as well if I remember right which goes another block. This isn't Allerton Av where one is really just putting a station and entrances over the street itself (a thruspan and el underneath) and eating away a handful of backyard on the south side of Allerton (there's nothing there on the north side). Back to the west end, there is also a switch in the middle of that tunnel that would have to go somewhere that is often used to allow work trains to wrong rail south from 36th and north from 9Av. A better arugment might be given for the Sea Beach between 59th and 8 Av, as there is actually open space (not tunnel, but open cut and some residential above 6Av (i think its 6th).

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