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  1. Thanks I could not remember when it was used last. And yes, far from direct between the lines but my point was not for passengers but at least kept for moves if/when needed.
  2. I have to agree that the Beacon-Danbury line probably is not needed. Commuters already head east to the Harlem line or west to Hudson line. Any rail service on this branch would just be an alternate method and probably not very highly used. It's quicker to drive east or west to the main lines with more service. It would make sense though for MNRR to retain continuous track there between the lines even if only kept maintained for non-passenger movement. It was used to move trains between the lines when there was a problem down south. Can't recall if it was the spuyten duyvil accident, valhalla crash, or park ave fire, but it was used for movement. Dont think theres another crossover north of the bronx.
  3. http://www.lohud.com/story/news/transit/2016/10/13/metro-north-beacon-line/91990548/
  4. Well here's something you don't ever see.
  5. 5:43 Harlem line train to Southeast is usually an M7 on track 112. Last night I stepped into a M8. That was a first. Are the M8's being used because they needed room at the yards for the diesels?
  6. MTA is the customer of ConEd. ConEd as the provider is responsible for the failure of the failed backup feeder for whatever reason there is- lack of maintenance, lack of inspection, lack of testing, lack of monitoring. Sounds like the primary feeder was taken down for maintenance which has now exposed the backup feeder as defective. MTA should have regularly scheduled failover testing WITH ConEd to make sure they can operate on either power source. Thats where MTA is partly responsible for this. They both share the blame. I dont think its even a money issue. Its a crappy management and lack of planning issue. I work in data networking. We always have regular failover tests (including a huge industry-wide one this weekend!) to make sure that our backup networks and connections are ready if needed. Otherwise why have them in place? Clearly MTA and ConEd did no such thing. As a Harlem line rider, this has not impacted me so my opinions are unbiased.
  7. Found some more great shots here: http://www.goacre.com/Danbury_Washout.htm Now who's got the Beacon line movement shots?
  8. Indeed MTA has stated on FB: CLL: Is it true that they are thinking about moving the 25 cars and five locomotives over to Brewster via the old Beacon Line? At least that way they can get the trains back in revenue service. MTA: That is the game plan. We are working on it now. And one more washout shot from FB:
  9. Section of Danbury Branch track washed out near Bethel. (image from MTA's facebook page) Busing in Effect on the Danbury Branch Due to Weather-Related Damage to the Right-of-Way. Bus service will replace train service on the Danbury Branch March 7th & 8th due to weather-related damage to the right-of-way in the vicinity of Bethel. On Monday, March 7th buses will operate according to train schedules with the following exceptions: The 5:10 PM train departing Grand Central is canceled. (Customers should take the 5:26 PM train to South Norwalk for bus service.) The 5:16 PM shuttle from Stamford is canceled. Customers travleing from Grand Central should stay on the 4:15 PM train to South Norwalk, and customers boarding at Stamford should take the 5:10 train from Stamford to South Norwalk. Bus service will operate from South Norwalk to Danbury. The 5:50 PM departing Grand Central is canceled. (Customers should take the 5:57 PM train from Grand Central to South Norwalk for bus service.) The 6:28 PM train from Grand Central will operate to Branchville, where customers for Redding, Bethel and Danbury may transfer to bus service. The 7:43 PM shuttle from Stamford will not connect with 6:55 PM train from Grand Central. Customers should take the 7:05 PM train from Grand Central instead and connect to bus service at South Norwalk. On Tuesday, March 8th buses will operate according to train schedules with the following exceptions: For the 6:49 AM train from Danbury, bus service will be provided from Danbury, Bethel and Redding, and will connect with a train departing Branchville at 7:10 AM. Customers should anticipate delays of up to 15 minutes on all substitute bus service. Customers please note: Housatonic Area Regional Transit (HART) will honor Danbury and Bethel monthly & weekly commutation tickets on their existing Danbury - Brewster and New Fairfield - Southeast bus routes.
  10. As a current resident of northern westchester on the Putnam border, I can tell you it will never happen. Google "north county trailway". Thats the ROW of The Old Put. Completely dismanteled and paved over Nice bike trail though! Keep in mind it was single-track so not all that wide. It's a shame too. I think with the huge amount of people who moved to this area since it shut down, it would generate revenue once again. It runs right down the center of the county between the Harlem and Hudson lines. For people like me, you have to go quite a few miles east or west to pick up one of these lines. I happen to live a stones throw away from the old Baldwin Place stop which, ironically, had a spur to Goldens Bridge which is where I now drive 15 mins to each day. There is a great book on The Old Put by local guy Joe Schiavone. When it came out he did local presentations where he talked about the line and showed some home movies and pictures. It came with a DVD back then with awesome footage of STEAM still running on the Put as well as the last diesel to ever run. Dont know if it still comes with that. Also he released a 2nd volume, though I cant image what else is in it. The first one was quite comprehensive. I'd share some of that video but I suspect it's copyrighted stuff. http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy&hl=en&safe=off&q=joe+schiavone+the+old+put&aq=0p&aqi=p-p1g3g-o1&aql=f&oq=&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=87dedf703ab49d09
  11. I ride in and out of GCT each day and my morning consist is shoreliners pushed by a Genesis P32AC-DM. It seems it runs on diesel all the way into GCT. When I walk out the back for the 48th st exit I walk past a loud, polluting engine. Sometimes I can hear the main one spin down while the AUX gen is still going. The other day we even stalled in the tunnel for 5 mins. Why dont they run on the 3rd rail when they can? Thanks.
  12. Still no word on what started this? I am surprised since I pass over this bridge twice a day and see the surveillance cameras on those protective piers.
  13. Saw this in the Times this morning- http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/16/nyregion/16double.html
  14. I had to share this based on some of the other threads about people having encounters with various enforcement units. Picture This, and Risk Arrest By JIM DWYER Published: July 27, 2010 Duane P. Kerzic was stopped by the Amtrak police while taking pictures of a train that he was preparing to enter in a photo contest sponsored by the railroad itself. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/28/nyregion/28about.html
  15. Ouch... 2 MNRR incidents in one weekend. http://www.lohud.com/article/20107260333 Train vs Car photos: http://jukebox.lohud.com/photos/refers/index.php?gallery=Train%20vs%20car%2007-25-10 Two people were injured Sunday in separate incidents involving trains in Ossining and Patterson, authorities said. A 19-year-old Ohio man was critically injured early Sunday while sitting on the platform at the Ossining Metro-North Railroad station, while a driver was injured in Patterson when his car was struck by a Metro-North train just south of the Patterson station. In Ossining, the man was sitting on the platform with his legs dangling over the edge around 1 a.m. when a northbound CSX freight train hit him, Metro- North spokesman Dan Brucker said. The man was taken to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla for severe head, back and leg injuries and remained in critical condition Sunday night. Brucker said the man took a Metro-North train and was supposed to get off in Tarrytown to be with friends, but instead ended up in Ossining. The CSX engineer saw the man at the edge of the platform, sounded his horn and hit the emergency brakes, but wasn't able to avoid hitting him, Brucker said. Metropolitan Transportation Authority police continue to investigate the incident. In Patterson, the driver of a Honda sedan was injured when his car was struck about 7 p.m. by a Metro-North train while crossing the tracks at Marble Quarry Road, just south of the Patterson train station. Patterson Assistant Fire Chief Edward J. O'Connell said firefighters extricated one person from the r ollover and rushed him to Danbury (Conn.) Hospital. O'Connell said the driver was communicating with safety personnel. Firefighters initially thought a passenger may have been thrown from the vehicle after the train hit it, but they later determined that there were no passengers. The crossing on private land at Marble Quarry Road has warning lights, but there is no gate. Brucker said any decision on whether to install a railroad crossing is made by local officials or, in the case of private property, by the landowner. Information on the identities of the two men was not immediately available.
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