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  1. In schoolcar they gave us a packet that was stapled together. the first page was labled , Accessing the External BSC Portal. Find it and follow the instructions in that packet.
  2. You need to Register on the Business Service Center website and thats where you would do that
  3. I like the sound of that NY Trucker ! I start tomorrow, Thanks for the positive words !
  4. Get that HS Diploma ! If you don't bring it with you on the first visit, you'll absolutley need at the return trip for medical and final processing. I know cause it happened to me. When I went in for the drug test I didn't have it , I said I graduated over 30 years ago. They told me that I need to have it when I come back . I went right to my old HS and ordered a new one and I received it before I was called for medical .
  5. No, you need 2 forms of ID, birth cert. or passport is good
  6. The problem is, They don't want you missing time for court appearances. If you don't tell them you have any pending and they come up while in school car, you will be terminated !
  7. I went in for medical and final processing on Friday , 11/30/2012 . I'm happy to report that I will be starting my new career on Monday 12/17/2012 . A great XMAS present !!! GL to all on the O/C list 8098.
  8. hey guys , help me out . I was at work today when I got the call it was tough to hear the girl on the phone . I was thinking I have to go to 180 livingston , but is it 130 livingston for the medical and final processing ? I'm going in on Fri. 7:30 AM. Thanks
  9. List # 27_, at 2:19 today I got the call. ! I'm pumped , hope its for the Dec. 17th class. GL to all those waiting , Its been a long one , but it feels good now !
  10. 270's here, waiting patiently. do you think, or anyone for that matter, I'll make the December class ???
  11. They have not gotten into the 300's, I'm in the high 200's and have not received a letter yet
  12. Thanks, not waiting , I have a full time job , good pay and not far from home, I'm 47, but would like to get in for some sort of pension, just hope to be called before I'm 50.
  13. Is this good news for us o/c guys ? I'm 276 on the o/c list. Thanks
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