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  1. That is correct. Complete your 1 year probationary period as a Track Worker first. Should you not make it thru schoolcar or have an incident as a T/O they can send you back to your previous title. Otherwise you'll be terminated from TA. I would defer.
  2. That's odd because the most recent photos are on page 68 of this thread.....
  3. As of now Kawaski is on schedule to deliver a 10 car test train (R211A) onto NYCT property in April. I'm glad the master controller is back centered in the middle. 5 car unit in the Nebraska plant is near complete assembly.
  4. If you don't get a call back regarding the drug test results that means you turned up negative. It's when you get a phonecall that you should be worried. The drug test standards are set by the DOT which you can view on the DOT website. They run a FULL tox screen for EVERYTHING. At this stage if you turn up postive (if the drug isn't prescribed to you) or is an illegal susbstance you will not be hired. All the randoms I have taken alomg with incident testing (12-9's) I have never received a call back from drug tests. You should never recieve a call back.
  5. I can tell you all those hoping to get hired as T/O and C/R they are needed. They are short staffed (due to retirements and many who haven't returned back to work because of Covid) and don't have enough road crews. As of right now I have no problem getting an RDO or late clear. Once this pandemic settles and is under control I truly feel they will go on a hiring blitz like they did when I was called a few years ago.
  6. Where did you get the idea that it is a conflicting signal?? I really hope you're joking? Example: R10 sign with a 15mph sign at the same location. The R10 is telling you that your entire train (10 cars) have clear the switch and you may now resume the allowable speed for the area which is 15mph. Come on..... If it is just a Green R sign with a 15mph together at the same location like Dave2836 said that is telling you to resume the allowable speed for that area which is 15mph. It is NOT a conflicting signal. There are quite a few locations like that. So you are saying a 20mph sign with a DGT15 right below it is conflicting???? This is exactly why you must know your signals and which fixed sign applies to you.
  7. Not my contribution lol. I park in the trains yards so I don't have to worry about street parking.
  8. It's not new. When I was hired back in 2012 I had to pay for fingerprinting and processing. They had that requirment for the money order for a few years now.
  9. Read it carefully. It says nothing about the N and Q getting CBTC. The new ATS signals will be CBTC ready if they decide to go that route in the future. The R160's that run on the N/Q are already CBTC ready.
  10. T/O may be going back to a promotional title only after last years test. Also I believe that list is almost 30,000 strong. You're looking at waiting almost 8+ years with a score of 90 for to get called
  11. Yes on the R142A. There were slight clearance issues that cause some of the exterior guard lights to be knocked clean off.
  12. Wrong. The 7 is an A Division line as far as the line itself and Crews. It was the Manangment and Supervision on the that were shifted over to B Div. So the simple way to put it is the line is now run by B Division Managers and Supervisors.
  13. The 5yrs I've been down here so far I have had three 12-9's already. They were all suicides expect the first guy by miracle survived. My last one was just back in October. I'll never forget how he looked right at me just before he jumped. The sound of the impact is something I'll never forgot.
  14. I heard this too going back as far as 2014. Supposedly this test is going to be the last open competitive. T/O will return back to a promotional only title.

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