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  1. I cannot speak for others. I did not see a difference. Drove right through. Only traffic was on the Hutch near the draw bridge in the Bronx. The bridge opened up. This was around 7:15 this morning.
  2. My usual stop is Harrison. I drove down to the Orchid Bay Park & Ride. My thought was why park at Rye to ride a packed Harlem line train. Not only that but I transfer to the / / lines at GCT anyway. To my amazment, I was the 4th car in the lot (told by one of the employees onsite). It was empty when I arrived at 7:30. My inital thought was I was in the wrong place but I saw police, employees and 5 buses in the middle of the lot. Hopped on the bus and was taken to the . I have to say that although my trip took longer, it was smooth. Not sure how the park and ride option was at Rye Playland or near Yankee Stadium but I don't think the word got out in time for enough people to use Orchid Bay. Tomorrow may be a completely different story. In any rate, it is my opinion that Metro North did a good job on accomadating. I don't think it was their fault since ConEd is responsible for maintenance of their own equipment, providing power to Metro North.
  3. Was at the 68th St/Hunter College downtown stop when the R62a came down the track yesterday at around 5:14pm Once Inside Where I got off at Grand Central, first two head cars. Cars 1741 through 1750, no breaks inbetween.
  4. Saw another set of R62as on the 6 today. At 5:29 this evening I was on a uptown at 14th Union Sq (something was happening on the and track). As my train was pulling out of the station, the 2145 (being the head car) and 2144 R62a were pulling into the 14th St Union Sq station on the downtown track. I only got a glimbse of the first two train car numbers. Sadly, I was unable to yet again, catch a picture.
  5. I was on car number 2143 of an R62A on the 6 line yesterday during rush hour. Being I was rushing to catch a Metro North train, I didn't grab a pic. Time was 5:48pm. Picked it up at Union Square.
  6. Found on the R62 on the at Main Street, Wednesday morning around 7:30. As you can see it's car number 2108.
  7. When do they have tours of the train yards? Where can I get information on those? I'd love to see a tour of the the train yards. Thanks...
  8. Just to throw my 2 cents in this. I witnessed years ago (just about a decade ago) a train switch over at Queensboro on the to the line. I was standing at the front of the platform on the Flushing Bound side when an set of out of service of redbirds came in. I heard the track switch being made and the out of service redbirds switched over to the Astoria bound track. After the swtich over, I saw the track switch move back in place. That said, this was back when the redbirds were being retired so I'm assuming that happened to transport the redbirds to their final dismantle yard.
  9. I was about to ask, how anyone looked at his other videos and website. Running around the city screaming "BaBaBooey, Howard Sterns Penis" and instigating confrontations then posting them onto YouTube is more of a reason this guy looks for attention. With regards to taking photographs of public workers, in my opinion, if the worker (be a cop, serviceman, bus/train operator, etc) doesn't like it and asks nicely not to, you should have respect enough not to continue on with it, provoking an unnecessary confrontation. Regardless if it's legal or not, it's just simple respect. Of which this guy apparently has none. But again, this is just my two cents.
  10. Isn't it the same thing on the LIRR? Same concept?
  11. nice bonus shot with the Empire State Building in the background.
  12. What I don't understand is why you would record this and not go get a crew member? Everyone standing near this door and the guy taking the video are the real idiots. Can you sue for stupidity? So if the guy next to the door flew out or got hurt from debris flying in, you all would sue to MTA. Why not sue everyone who just stood there and not let the crew know about this? Idiots.
  13. Passed week I've been riding on 4 car trains. I knew it was because of equipment problems but to this magnitude? wow.... Our MTA fare increases at work... I too am curious where the new timetable is if it goes into effect Monday.
  14. This guy I work with says he used to go into the subway as a kid and use it. The trains were made of straw. He couldn't tell me the line but he'd catch the train in Brooklyn. He's around 50 years old. What I asked him was, are you sure you didn't go in your pants and think that was a potty on the subway. B)
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