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  1. well i took the test in May and was called in July but i think at the time they were on a hiring binge
  2. yuppp and it seems NYCT is taking their sweet ass time................ Most important thing to know is FLAGGING............thtas about 85% of the job....... Job is most assciated with RELAYS in series and parrell so you better be good with that...........the rest your going to have to learn in school
  3. i think its a good idea but i think it might turn out to be a cluster fcuk.......i work on the broadway line and i do not want to be sent over to do maintaince on an IRT line or in BKLYN somewhere ! thanks to the Inspector General there are certain guidlines on how many signals or switches we can do an hr or a night......they should also tweek the flagging this way you dont need 10 guys flagging on 2 tracks with 1-2 guys are doin the work.
  4. ITS BOTH WRITTEN AND PRACTICAL..... you have to pass the written to take the practical. the written is basic electrical/electronic knowledge and using the proper tools for the job. the practical is you are given a specific circuit to put together then given a meter and have to take readings
  5. amen..........and pple dont wanna pay higher fares so your not gonna have the man power to clean them anyhow
  6. Click the "About Me" tab here on your profile.

  7. i was dead on about gettin an Iphone till i heard about the reception problem...then at the same time the DROID X came out and a friend of mine who owns a verizon store when to some type of workshop on the X before it came out and strongly recommended it..... i've had a million and 1 cell phones over the yrs and this is def. the best 1 !!!!:tup:

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