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  1. NICE is taking delivery of New Flyer Artics... 1965 is on property.
  2. Foothill F1226 back from repaint
  3. Say "So Long" to the NICE Flip Dots... Apparently with the instalation of the new Clever Device systems in the buses this year, all of the buses with Flip-Dot signs will be upgraded to LED signs.
  4. $5.25? Not on NICE... All buses are regular fare - local and express.
  5. LI Operator

    MSBA 117

    117 went for a ride on the n43 line today down to Freeport before changing signs to remind people that n88 Jones Beach Service will soon be back!

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  6. I heard today from a reliable NYCT source that there a plans on paper for a complete redesign of the Merrick blvd corridor complete with dedicated BRT service lanes. No idea on timeframe if any. But it's on paper...
  7. Just curious where you got that information? It was never owned by the MTA, always the county. We even had a rep from the county there just today... Tom Suozzi even did the rededication after the remodel when the named it for Rosa Parks.
  8. HTC (property & building) is owned by the County of Nassau - as is RVC, MF & Able Ride Depots. Mineola IC & Jamaica Terminal is owned by the MTA.
  9. Havent been on for a while so I guess we all know about the 87 now... Also... I can confirm that there are at least plans to look into Artics in the near future. I have that from two different sources "upstairs". We shall see...
  10. Ah... I remember when I worked for Trailways, the group stopped to visit our yard in Hicksville a few years back. We had the Ex-DeCamp Prevost XL's which were a rare sight... and left two in the DeCamp Green scheme. It was fun getting to drive 117 though... I definately agree that if driven on a regular basis, you're going to really develop some muscles!
  11. No clue who it is. Got a quick clip I'll upload later from inside and one outside going down the block.
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