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  1. New NJ Transit rail schedules with changes that take effect in Sunday March 13,2011 are available for both NJT Rails and NJT Light iPhone apps
  2. NJT Rails 1.7 with bus schedules and augmented reality to find nearest station just found its way to AppStore link You can check screenshots on web site http://www.njt-rails.com/
  3. As a bonus NJT Light 1.1 will contain bus schedules.
  4. Two news: * NJT Rails - updated to version 1.6 and contains fix for timezone bug and new schedules * NJT Light - free and simplified version just arrived to AppStore link
  5. NJT Rails 1.5 with latest schedules (in effect November 7) arrived to AppStore
  6. I recently posted couple new shots from upcoming NJT Rails 1.4 to Facebook Facebook (NJT)
  7. In about a week I will send NJT Rail 1.2 to AppStore for review. It will contain new feature: alarm which notifies a user about proximity to selected train station using very distinct sound.
  8. NJT Rails 1.1 just hit AppStore. Now you can see trips for any date up to 30 days in advance. It also includes updated schedule from NJTransit.
  9. Thank you for positive feedback! I really don't know where to take PATH schedules for now but will try to find out.
  10. I wonder how they count cancelled trains. On July 8th in rush hour Penn Station looked like this http://yfrog.com/j1pdznj They probably just ignored such cases
  11. Make an app for trains much simpler than for buses. You have limited number of routes with 10 stops or so. It's not a problem to transfer all info directly to mobile device for offline usage. Buses are different story. GTFS file for NJ Transit buses takes 116MB Just not possible to use such amount of information in offline mode. There should be web app instead and it makes less sense to build mobile app for that.
  12. Well, not for now. It's personal project and I'm the only developer Besides I was thinking there was an app for MTA. Am I wrong?
  13. Hi For the last 3.5 years I was commuting every day on NJ Transit from NJ to Manhattan,NY and back.Sometimes it was not a good experience because of delays or other problems like broken train or wires. So I decided to write an iPhone application which will help to catch the train in such conditions. Eventually it became more than that: advisories, maps, DepartureVision and integration with njtransit.com web site Check it out www.njt-rails.com
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