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  1. Well, it's not really visible much . However, it looks all dark and dusty. Where the doors for exit (for the train ) are supposed to be are these doorway thingies. It's also much smaller than the Outer Loop. Best advice I can give you is nycsubway.org
  2. South Ferry was only done once, after some confusion during a G.O. There was no train to Brooklyn, but I never knew that and slept. When I woke up, I hear a sharp turning noise and see S.F. Went to Fulton, got on train to Brooklyn.
  3. The mariachi band on the is awesome :cool: Been to the abandoned South Ferry Loops (both) and original City Hall by staying on trains (not really effective during rush hours 'cause people will stare at you (Run away) Record of taking about 15-20 lines in one single day (Mostly NTT's, blah.) Don't use regular metrocard much. Always sneak in with student one.
  4. Hi there. I have some requests. 1st One-typical R160 Sign Color: Gray Flipdot: EXP Route and Destination: 34TH STREET-11AVE FLUSHING EXP 2nd one..stoll R160 Color: Gray Flipdot: EXP Route and Destinations (Please make the D into a yellow D) FOREST HILLS-71 AVE WEST END EXP BROADWAY EXP VIA 60TH STREET VIA QUEENS BLVD EXP Thanks a lot amigo. (if you can't do the yellow D, please change the D back to orange and change BROADWAY EXP into 6 AV EXPRESS)

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