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  1. Hey, is this a private party or can anybody join? LOL
  2. No need to have the Q27 travelling on Kissena Boulevard. Too much traffic there as it is. Too tight a street on Holly Avenue. Now that the Q27 ends on 39th Avenue, I suggest it go straight onto Union Street and make a left on Sanford Avenue. Why not serve those streets which are wider and need more service? Once it turns onto Sanford, it could make a right on Parsons and then onto 47th Avenue to continue on its merry way. Simple, yet more effective.
  3. Q50A from Co-op City (extension bus from Main Street directly to Queens College). This bus would travel straight through Kissena Boulevard from Main Street at the church (with no stops from there) until reaching the main front gate of the college (just off Horace Harding Expressway). Having a bus like this could be a big plus for students living in the Bronx. The Q50A would run in between and alternate with the Q50 (by ten minutes), arriving just as frequently. As such, it would also increase the amounts of Q50's running from Co-op City to Flushing/Main Street as well. Schedule: Weekdays: FROM CO-OP CITY: 6:15 - 7:00 PM and every 20 minutes (alternating between regular Q50). From Queens College: Every 20 minutes until 11PM Weekends: Every 25 minutes from 7 AM until 6 PM (to & from Queens College). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BX23A extension every 20 minutes to go from Co-op City/Pelham Bay directly to Riverdale (231st/Broadway) - elevated train.

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