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  1. Winter's SUPPOSED to END in 3 WEEKS! *crosses fingers*
  2. It'll be some time before that AK Rd Station is even really BEGUN to be built, nevermind FINISHED! From what I've seen going down there on the train to/from LaBella's|FoodTown, they've only essentially plucked some shovels in the ground. No doubt this hyper-winter isn't helping with getting the show on the track.
  3. It'd be really COOL if there were to be a Red Line Subway Series. Both the Cubs & White Sox are off that CTA subway.
  4. ^ Just an abstract pipe dream until the first construction activity on ANY of this happens:(
  5. Interesting photo in the President's Day Advance of where & how the resurrected North Shore SIR & a West Shore SIR would run:) Anyone else see it? Interesting! WS SIR would go to/from BAYONNE!
  6. I was happy to have seen the Arthur Kill Rd SIR station work being done today for the FIRST TIME! I'd been out of the loop on this stuff & didn't know they had actually FINALLY begun work on the nu-station. Kudos MTA!
  7. WOO HOO! I've seen these signs around the Island! One at a bus stop in New Dorp in front of the Stop and Shop shopping center, & that one pictured above at the Eltingville SIR. These things, this technology, was in place in the City of Angels YEARS before Gotham! Good to see us catching up with L.A. County:)
  8. The ENTIRETY of Richmond Ave MUST be covered & served 24/7/365. THAT's the PROBLEM! Reinstating the overnight 59 would be an easy quickfix.
  9. A simple solution here would be the MTA|NYCT restoring OVERNIGHT service on the 59. Overnight 59s operated between Hylan Blvd & that little park across from the Forest Ave Burger King.
  10. :cool:I've always wanted to go to Chicagoland & ride & explore the RTA & all its branches & services, preferably in the summer.
  11. cc13 said: Well, long-term, I'd prefer that HBLR extension. At least that brings you directly to the business districts in Jersey City & Hoboken (as well as the connections available to other services like PATH, etc). There isn't much in the part of Bayonne that faces Port Richmond. It's mostly residential, with a little bit of industry further east. I'd like ALL OF THE ABOVE if possible, which would be AWESOME! Imagine a nuNorth Shore SIR, the HBLR coming into SI, MORE SI/NJ local &/or LTD routes, more ferry terminals (a nuPR ferry), ALL OF THOSE THINGS (and more hopefully ).
  12. It'd be great if it had a ferry terminal there again in the future. Be cool to see Port Richmond experience another Golden Age:) Plus a rejuvenated North Shore SIR! PR would become like Hoboken, especially mass transit & mass transit hub wise:)
  13. I remember reading & seeing online a little while back about the Transit Mall being improved upon. I was very impressed by & with the Transit Mall (pre-refit). Alot of the other transit fans on this board would love LBT and the Transit Mall. The Transit Mall is what the St. George Ferry Terminal WISHES it was. The best fast food places in/on Staten Island are Five Guys & Fries (a bit pricey:( ), Checkers, Taco Bell in the Mall, and White Castle. Wendy's, McDonald's, and BK preDOMINATE SI's fast food market. Plus the countless Dunkin Donuts everywhere. Plenty of good pizzerias though.
  14. Interesting. I like it. But what's the community's thoughts about it?

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