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  1. does anyone know how to find out how many cars are assigned to each subway line? and how many need to stay in storage for extra service or just for back up in case they're needed? :confused:
  2. thanks lol. do you know if the R32's on the are running in 8 or 10 car trains. also this makes me think that they should've kept less r32's (since theyre older than the R42's) and used them as the extra trains for the and , since theyd run outside and they can run in 8 car trains and the train could stop at the 8 car mark with the conductor in the middle. and since the R44's were in worse shape and would need to run R42's for a bit longer, they should have them in 10 car trains, maybe on the or , and the and would be all R46
  3. Lately I've been seeing R68A's on the and , and R46's on the . Is this permanent? Could this have anything to do with reroutings, retiring trains, or the using R68's from Coney Island? It's very confusing and also there's nothing about it on wikipedia. According to wikipedia, R46's run on the and Rockaway Park , R68's run on the ( and Franklin Ave , and R68A's run on the (...:confused:
  4. :confused: Why are those seats which cover the wheels and/or other engine/electric/whatever stuff on the LFS/LFSA different than all the other seats on the bus? They are more rounded and seem a bit bigger. i ask this because none of the other busses have seats like this, and also the LFSA demo from (I think) 2008 had the squared off seats like the rest of the nyc bus fleet to cover the wheels but the rest of the bus had those rounded bigger seats......?????? :confused:
  5. :confused: Why did they get these rather than xcelsior or c40lfr? not only do i think the newer ones look much nicer, but i thought they stopped making the regular lf models and replaced them with all lfr models. ??????? also does anyone know why they dont have the warning lights next to the front destination sign? :confused:
  6. Some of the most annoying transfers in the NYC Subway are between the... at Lexington Ave-59th Street and at Lexington Ave-63rd Street at Times Square and at Port Authority and at Canal Street
  7. I recently bought a door control panel from an old train on ebay and i would really like the key that goes with it. i think it came from a redbird. it's in great condition and has all the buttons and wires and looks pretty much exactly like this (http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/show?3981). i know they do still use the key today (that little square key) so i know it is very hard to find. does anybody know how i could possibly get one?
  8. Does anyone know why the door chimes tend to sound strange, damaged, or messed up on many R44, R46, R62/A, R68/A (Especially on R46 and R44 SIR)? many times they sound too slow or fast, high or low pitched, or just simply sounding strange. i was not around when the trains were new, but i'm guessing that when they were new the door chimes did not sound like that. And how were they made? because they dont sound computerized really :confused::confused:
  9. Your LCD sign is ready. See it in my thread. :)

  10. Why is it that according to Wikipedia, R160's don't run on the ? It says that they only run on the lines. I ask this because I've been seeing R160 trains somewhat regularly. Not as regular as the R46's, but i still see them. I actually just rode on one today. Also, does anyone know if there have been any recent sightings of an R46 or R32 ? :confused:
  11. Yeah just go to a section and hit new thread

  12. hey do you know how to start a thread?

  13. great got it thanks!

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