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  1. It is suppose to be coney island on the upper level for And the lower for (Q6Av) And .
  2. No I Work At Moes Deli In Brooklyn Grand Street 766 You Can Come If You Like.

  3. Hi Jen, You don't work at Moe's Deli on Newark Avenue in Jersey City, do you?



  4. Actally My real Name Is Mike Gil I Dont Know Why You Said Im Aahd I Dont Know Who The Heck Is Aahd.I Saw Aahds Entries Hes Was Lame I Agree With You YankeePwnMets.So Dont Band Me Because Me I Hate Aahd.

  5. You Know R44 your The Best Sign Maker Ever In My Life!

  6. Thank You For Requesting, Your Sig Is Ready :cool:

  7. Can I Have To Burnside Ave Other Times With To Woodlawn On Oppistet Track. Downtown Only Via Rush Hours To Times-Sqare 42 Street. To Moes Deli All Times. Express Via Rush Hours With To Dyre Ave On Local Track.Other Times <R> Stops Here For . To 95 Street.Take To 96 Street For Service. Thanks!
  8. Your sign is ready

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