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  1. It is suppose to be coney island on the upper level for And the lower for (Q6Av) And .
  2. No I Work At Moes Deli In Brooklyn Grand Street 766 You Can Come If You Like.

  3. Actally My real Name Is Mike Gil I Dont Know Why You Said Im Aahd I Dont Know Who The Heck Is Aahd.I Saw Aahds Entries Hes Was Lame I Agree With You YankeePwnMets.So Dont Band Me Because Me I Hate Aahd.

  4. You Know R44 your The Best Sign Maker Ever In My Life!

  5. Can I Have To Burnside Ave Other Times With To Woodlawn On Oppistet Track. Downtown Only Via Rush Hours To Times-Sqare 42 Street. To Moes Deli All Times. Express Via Rush Hours With To Dyre Ave On Local Track.Other Times <R> Stops Here For . To 95 Street.Take To 96 Street For Service. Thanks!
  6. Can I Have A Sign That Says: To Moes Deli The Next Stop Is Moes Deli 11:25 Pm This Is Moes Deli Last Stop Thanks Hope Its Not Much For You.Thanks!
  7. Hi I Am New And Can I Have A Last Stop Sign R143 Please.Thanks!
  8. Thank You So Much Melvin!And By The Way Can You Also Make Me A Not In Service Its The Thanks!I Hope Its Not Much For You. B)
  9. Hi I Am New Here.Can I Have A Sign That Says: (4)To Woodllawn The Next Stop Is Burnside Ave 11:55 Pm.Thanks!

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