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  1. I suspect the MTA is going continue hiring like crazy. there are so many people with 25+ years down here it ain't a thing (this includes people not physically involved in RTO like C/R's & T/O's). Not to mention the amount of people that will be approaching retirement in the next 5 years. I wouldn't be surprised if 6601 is extended several times over like 8094. The new contract has also sprinkled a few things here and there that may make it even sweeter to retire asap. Kids still in school, unpaid properties, working up higher salaries for tier 4 retirements and insurance for family members are the top things keeping some people working in Transit imo. Very few people stick around for the pure enjoyment of it all regardless of what they say lol. Ridership is high or higher regardless of fare increases, I suspect the MTA may even make a move to increase service on some lines. So I'd say people on this list need to start making plans. I hope my seldomly shared opinions shed some light.
  2. I know personally from TWO colleagues that have been called up for drug testing during the past couple of weeks for C/R Promo. That to me is a sign that 8094 is over or about to be over very soon. Several C/R's that came in to post the past couple of weeks didn't have any idea if they were still calling from their 8094 list. Ones that came in before them said they were still calling classes from 8094.
  3. Because of the pay cut I've yet to see anyone do this, it's totally possible though and I'm sure there's gotta be at least 1 person that's done it. They would have to take an open competitive exam though as B/O's cannot promote to CR's. There are however, several T/O's that were once B/O's and don't regret it. You can look at it this way, as a B/O, in certain ways not only are you a C/R (dealing with crowds, opening doors) but you are also the sole operator. On a train you are only one or the other.
  4. The life of a C/R is a good one. You may have some rough work days, but you DONT have to bring absolutely anything about it home with you. Unlike some of my previous employment history. When it ends it ends and you go home, and sometimes come right back quickly. There are hundreds of people for you to meet, including riders, it's not like being in an office. You have the benefit of never being stuck to a particular place or time slot for too long. You have the benefit of promoting to another job without spending another 4 years in college and getting into debt as I did. The life of any TA worker is basically the same, you have your responsibilities, you perform then go home. In the broad scheme of things, you aren't special and no one is more special than you. You're just the next key or break handle or broom, just a number and as long as you're working out no one is breathing down you're neck. In fact no one even wants to have to breath down you're neck, it's extra work. Do the job the way you're being asked to do it and pass go and profit for 25 or more years. The job has it's caveats of course but absolutely everything comes with the territory, I've yet to do anything on this job I would classify as unfair, whatever I didn't like I kinda expected it anyway. I rode down on 2 hot cars today, whatever, stand clear to closing doors please! As for the original OP's questions, those things are just better left to be experienced on you're own as they vary from person to person. Everyone Else's advice above is phenomenal.
  5. With the way people are moving around I'd say C/R's especially can expect to see something after two full picks on the job, especially if you make it to Schoolcar before 8094 ends. For T/O's it'll probably take much longer but it's difficult to know. Platform C/R's seem to be working out, that may expand and it should. The W is making a comeback, the Second avenue line is coming, people still hanging it up all over the place. Transit is gonna need quite a few more employees and that's good for all of us beginning careers in Transit. I personally was able to pick a job while still having about 6 weeks left in probation. The same goes for several other people. Don't forget the two maps, the breakers, the safety chains, PA's IC's. Output arm must touch the bumper stop when cutting a door then snap check it, take car number and door number. All that was on my practical
  6. I read the last few pages of this thread and I came up with an idea. Why don't you all just exchange phone numbers?? After all you're all going to be going in within the next few months or even weeks of each other. Just be real friends already and text or call. Why not? you are all going to be seeing each other at some point for the next 25 years. I got one of yous assigned to me today and every chance this person got, He/She/It would start texting on the phone, So I KNOW you're down with phones.
  7. I can see alot of fight happening over who gets the next USB port. I like the new easy to clean finishes, something's gotta be done about these floors. Would be great to see some more benches at stations, sadly they just become beds for the homeless.
  8. There will be a good number of C/R's moving up to T/O, ATD and Towers. People are moving to other titles as we speak. I myself am waiting for promotionals to begin and THEY WILL begin. Transit is slowly adding service all over the place, they will need us. With your score you shouldn't have much to worry about, whatever you're doing now is only temporary, when they call you downtown, time is gonna fly and you gonna be on that PA and working them doors all day everyday serving NYC. Don't forget to wave at all the kids (if it's safe to do so). As far as being XX, it's only brutal if they for example switch you from PM's to AM's or vice versa (usually after your days off) and most people lock in the tour that they want. It may be tough for some people to suddenly have to adjust. Aside from that nothing about this job is brutal enough to faze anyone that goes through the waiting game and wants stable honest employment. So don't believe the hype.
  9. YOU DO have a very legitimate chance with you're score, absolutely. It's YoungNYCSubwayFan's job as mod to lock tired discussions though and that's why he's reviewing it. I for one don't think you posted misleading information, just something you heard or talked about with someone. SubwayGuy along with other posters have posted various scenarios and facts to keep us going until any new developments unfold. So let's see what may come out of this and not piss off the moderators as there IS worthwhile info on this thread.
  10. Maybe, maybe not. They gotta get through the promotions to C/R first and that can take a year or more and they haven't even started. Not to mention they are still hiring from the 2008 exam too. One thing I can tell you for sure is that every other day I'm hearing the RCC ask if conductors want to work an extra day, call the crew office. I only used to hear that For T/O's. So it would appear the Transit Authority is still short on C/R's even though they haven't stopped hiring for the longest now. I think the C/R's they are hiring now have scored in the high 80's or low 90's and they started hiring from that list back in 2011 or 2012.
  11. Yea you're right. I did just notice you need these requirements by the last date of the application period even for other exams. I'm a little late to the park but I recall work experience requisites being required by the last day before being appointed, not by the last day before you apply. This basically means a lot of younger people may not get a shot. It's worth a shot what you suggest but it would take quite a massive effort. If they feel they couldn't get enough applicants for this title then they may ease up on the requirements and possibly issue another exam. I feel that's probably more likely to happen.
  12. It's not as bad as you think it is. This ain't the type of job you apply for and immediately get hired, it's something you put in you're back pocket but not forget about. After you take the exam, it may take a year or more before the MTA establishes a hiring list. After they figure that out it will likely take another year or more before they even begin calling any candidates. Even if you manage a perfect score you are looking at at least 2-3 years before they call you up. Mind you they still got to get through possibly close to 1000 promotions to T/O before they even get to T/O Exam 7604 and that's going to take some time. TA are still calling candidates from Exam 8098 from 2009 I believe. This new 7604 exam has even been postponed to later dates twice as far as I remember. If you have enough college credits and/or at least 1-2 years of acceptable work experience right now, you should get through. Plus if they call you, you can always postpone it until you have enough work experience. That's how I see the whole thing panning out. As far as the MTA easing up on qualifications for employment, at least for the foreseeable future, they are more likely to raise the qualifications instead.
  13. Those statistics are very similar to what I've heard about the average retiree. I can tell you firsthand at least 3 people i know that started within the last 1-5 years have developed breathing problems, there's obviously more. There are several other much more common health problems related with this type of work.
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