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  1. Got caught in this one while on an that was rerouted to the and then to the at 36th. Curious that it wasn't posted online.
  2. Welp. Whatcha gonna do? The train is literally in their backyard!
  3. I only wish the connected somewhere in Brooklyn. Then it would be even more useful!
  4. To Newark? Are you high? That's like a half-hour ride from the river alone! Just let PATH do what it really does well, that exact run!
  5. Was riding the from downtown into Brooklyn, and the train converted into a sardine can at Jay St/Metrotech. I've never seen so many confused people asking "How do I get to the ?!" in my life!!!
  6. Why people try to push the limits of Excel in this way is beyond me. As someone who does programming and designs custom systems, I can only assume it's ignorance that a better way is possible. Regardless, the map above is horrific.
  7. Almost all of that has to do with perfectly circular wheels and the rails themselves.
  8. Extension of the to the Gateway Center is kind of a no-brainer. Has that ever been formally proposed?
  9. Why do folks insist on using Paint all the time? Get a real program and make one like this: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/files/file/81-tokkemon-2013-summer-fantasy-new-york-city-subway/
  10. Lol. The MTA deals with this literally every day. They certainly don't throw a tantrum and close everything down. There's billions of dollars at stake up here, at least.
  11. South Brooklyn was a shitshow this morning. Ugh.
  12. I was thinking of something slightly more interesting. Granted this is theoretical but it's an attempt to fix the super-long problem. 1) goes from Astoria to City Hall lower level. The would have to finish the construction/reconstruct the lower level to make it fit for revenue service, but that's pretty minor work at the end of the day. 2) goes from Jamaica-179th to Whitehall St most times, with maybe some extension into Brooklyn during Rush Hours if service demands. 3) goes from Jamaica Center to Bay Ridge as a local in Brooklyn via Montague St with the short connector tunnel. An alternative plan would have the unchanged, and have the extend along West End to Bay Parkway like the old <M> did, but I don't know who beneficial that would be.
  13. What if the was terminated at City Hall?
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