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  1. Not right now, but when I do, I know who to call....Ghostbu....just kidding! :)

  2. I'm doin fine! Thanks for the awesome signs!

  3. I got it up & working! Thank you very much, buddy!

  4. this is awesome, truly beautiful! :) but I cant seem to set it as my signature :( I go to option 1 & paste the URL of the destination sign & it fails.

  5. 2


    Wakefield-241 St, 7 Ave Exp, White Plains Exp


    R142A style, if possible, Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the info! & yes that was my thread


    If it's not a bother to ask you, but could you make one (R142A style) that says, excluding the commas of course,




    Thank you very much!

  7. Hi Matt,


    I heard you make signature avatars, if you do, could you please make one for me?


    Thank you!


    Boruch A.K.A. triboroughbridge

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