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  1. Buddy, you took the words right out of my mouth regard the 2 way express in The Bronx! B) I heard that Brighton riders were upset that the ( was running express again. Is this true?
  2. I think the runs to Manhattan until 12. They even have service changes for the & stating "both trains re-routed via the line from 47 - 50 Sts until 36 St. 10pm till 5am."
  3. 1) Why does everybody always say express service will only save an X amount of time? Well, yeah that's what express service is there for to save you time, or catch up to a local train. 2) I mean the & run to New Lots. If the & can run to Flatbush Ave, ending with bumper, why cant the & go all the way till New Lots all times (except nights for ) 3) Thank you! B) But why are the express & local platforms off set? It drives me up a wall. 4) Thank you for agreeing with me! & I'm assuming the & don't need it, because the is very close by. 5) Once again, thank you for agreeing with me! 6) so I guess this why the is having that pilot program to shutdown lines during various times. I understand that work would have to stop, but there were many delays with the & OVERCROWDING! :tdown: Anyway, thank you IRT & TwoTimer for your answers!
  4. Hi, I just had a thread asking how subways work, now I have a few questions about some of the general subway services & a more recent service change. 1) Why does the run local in Manhattan during late nights? from my understanding it ran express 24/7 until 1999. Dont people from Brooklyn & The Bronx already have a long ride to Manhattan? but it has to be longer with local service in Manhattan. why cant the run local to south ferry, if possible? (loop or lower lever). 2) why dont trains run all the way to New Lots Avenue 24/7? I see by Utica Ave, a lot of people get off the to get a . 3) why is 34 St - Penn Station (both lines) set up the way they are? & off set :confused: I heard they were set up like that to encourage people to transfer at Times Sq, Because of the crowding. but if you look at, 6 Ave or Broadway, they have the traditional 2 island platforms at 34 St & 42 St (& Rockefeller Center for 6 ave) & those are very busy stations. 4) why wasn't Bronx subway service created with 2 way express service, like the other Boroughs? :tdown::tdown: 5) would anybody agree with me, that the should have it's own track at the Rogers Junction, then merge with the at President st? This to avoid unnecessary conflict with the . :tup::tup::tup: 6) The , as we all know, is having major service changes on the White Plains line during the day. Do you think it was dumb of them to have the terminate at 149 St & have the by itself, local in one direction & express in the other? Because I think they should of had these changes at different times. :tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown: Thanks for your help! your comments will be appreciated!
  5. I dont think anything happened, at least I didnt hear anything. I guess when you have a few hundred cops, motormen/conductors & millions of subway riders wanting to get home, I dont think a few hundred morons stand a chance. :cool: I'm glad people and New Yorks Finest were able to prevent this! :cool:
  6. Yes you are right! I got a little carried away. B) Yeah, by far The Bronx has the best coverage. But still we need that whole bi-directional express service thing there.
  7. Because when someone wants to yell something anti-semetic at a jewish person, "***" was the word they always used. The word "Jewish" has no anti-semetic remark to it at all. Go to Google & type in Jewish...& you'll get a whole bunch things about Jewish people (non-anti-semetic) but type in "***" and you'll get every anti-semetic thing under the sun. Calling a Jewish person a "***" is pretty much like calling a black person the "N" word or a Hispanic the "S" word. It's bad enough those lowlifes destroyed Ave I & Ocean Pkwy, but they had to do it to the Subway?! :mad:
  8. Canarsie can get rough at times, but it's not crime centra, that's for sure. Whatever the case is, I hope these 3 get it good. They were spitting & a guy was trying to tell them to have a little manners, so they beat him?!:mad:
  9. Canarsie can get rough at times, but it's not crime centra, that's for sure. Whatever the case is, I hope these 3 get it good. They were spitting & a guy was trying to tell them to have a little manners, so they beat him?!:mad:
  10. All right, we just had a "worst subway station" thread, let me hear your thoughts. My favorite are, 34 St-Penn Station (7 Ave). Reason, cause it's a unique looking station, it's always busy & it's right near a busy railroad station. 51 St. Reason, It's one of the nicest stations & the transfer is just beautiful!
  11. Japan is trying to put so much about New York in the Pokemon games! First the Brooklyn Bridge (Sky Arrow Bridge between Castelia City & Nacrene City) & the Subway's & maps. New York is rocking, baby!
  12. Thank you very much the both of you! Much appreciated! I've been very curious for a long time how the subways worked, so thanks! And thank you roadcruiser1 for the tunnel diagram!
  13. No, no it isnt. the "entertainers" come on the train to play a song, do a dance, tickle a banjo or straight out ask for money, then leave. these people dont want to leave the trains, they just want to get into your face. :mad: They better not mess up the subway service! I hope New Yorks Finest cleans these people out of the streets!
  14. Thanks for the info! & yes that was my thread


    If it's not a bother to ask you, but could you make one (R142A style) that says, excluding the commas of course,




    Thank you very much!

  15. Queens has the worst service. We all know, because of the lack of subway service for most of the Borough. I had to go to Cambria Heights once (never doing it again) & I had to take the all the way to Jamaica Center, Transfer to a (Q84) (which took forever to come), then visa versa, which again took forever. In second would be The Bronx. The Bronx does have more access to subways & better busing, but there is no bi-directional, full time express service in the Borough. So it takes forever just to get to Harlem, let alone Midtown. I think at least the White Plains line should have bi-directional express service. In first is Brooklyn. Brooklyn has pretty good subway access, yes there are still places that dont have access to subway, but most of the borough is covered with subways. & most of the lines have full time bi-directional express service.
  16. Are you kidding me? That's the reason? No bus in Brooklyn uses articulated buses & the (B44) is doing somewhat fine with the buses it has now. The (M34) doesnt have articulated buses, so why should the (B44) need them? I'd rather have a little less room on a bus then have it re-routed, especially when it's quite a distance from me.
  17. I'm very curious as to how subways work. First, how do subway trains accelerate? I know you push the throttle and the train goes, thanks, but when the throttle is pushed does it move only the first car & pulls the others? or when the throttle is pushed all cars are accelerated & each cars move by itself Second, how do trains stay to the track? all I know is the wheels of the train rest on the track, if this is true how do they move? It's not like a car that has grooves in the tire to help it move. is it the weight of the train? Also does this also apply when a train is driving up or down a hill? How do trains go up or downhill (outside) when there is snow/rain? wouldn't that make the tracks slippery? Last, how are subway tunnels between rivers made? I know there's a tube that's put underwater, but does it get put all the way to the ground or does it get put deep below the water, but is made suspended, like a bridge. Also can subway tunnels cross over/under each other while underwater or is that impossible? All your answers are greatly appreciated!
  18. Whitestone, Bayside, Throgs Neck, South Central Queens, Country Club (especially if you need west side service) & Canarsie, are in need of some sort of subway service. I know Canarsie has the , but it doesnt service most of Canarsie. But in my opinion, I dont think the & need to be extended. The (B44) already has pretty fast service & when the SBS comes to the (B44), it'll only be faster. The should, however, make staircases at Flatbush ave above or below the trains so we can easily crossover/under.
  19. LOL, I forgot to mention that you have to get use to it, but once you get use to it, the sound is awesome! for most people.
  20. This is what I'm talkin about! :cool:
  21. This one makes the most sense. I wish the ran to Nostrand Ave instead of the
  22. By access to the local track I mean, that when train's arrive at 125 they should already be on the local track, without having to crossover from the current express track. If the has to run local in manhattan starting at 125, it has to crossover to the local track. But it doesnt matter, I just realized it wouldn't work anyway, because the & use the same track from 138 Street & south. So that means the would have to leave the express track jump over to the local track & have the merge onto the express track, which would cause delays on the .
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