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  1. It's very weird. People, (I'm not saying you), but people are always complaining that they hate Giuliani for cracking down on Graffiti on trains. They say, it's "beautiful", but you say nobody gives a damn.
  2. And probably to avoid delays at Euclid Ave, where the & Euclid terminate.
  3. They can't use the abandon side of Bowery, cause there are no tracks. Now that I got that out of the way, I have a question. What kind of construction do they plan on doing? It's not like a station that has side platforms, where they can close off one platform, it's an island and both sides use it, and we all know, that it's not track work.
  4. While I'm very satisfied with Fastrack, I'm curious to know, 1) when they will start this program on the Broadway & Nassau lines & 2) when they will start it on other parts of lines, that already experienced it. I know it would be hard to do it on the Lex line, north of 42 St, but lines like CPW or the Broadway section of 7 Ave. Also, do they (the ) ever plan on doing this program in the outer boroughs, or would it be to complicated?
  5. I have a better question. why is it, that siemens where put only onto the & ?
  6. Until the gets all the 's R142A's
  7. Are you kidding me?! before this accident, not all cars had speedometers?!
  8. I dont think he was asking, "why did the all of the sudden change it to be like that", I think he was asking, "why was it originally configured like that" I dont think they're "happy" to transfer, I think they dont mind to transfer.
  9. I'm pretty sure, cops get paid by the hour, not by the job.
  10. They're going to have to restore the sometime in the future, so the can run on Second Ave. As for the , I'm very happy with going to Midtown & Queens Boulevard, but we do need a second service on 4 Ave, *cough, or , cough*, during middays, or at least rush hours.
  11. have trains ever been delayed, because say, a motorman/conductor were on a train and that train got held up for a while. or a motorman/conductor overslept?
  12. well that's nice, but we need cops at certain stations at the right times! At stations, like my station, Sterling St, people are let in, BY THE STATION AGENT! the agent lets people in when they ask.
  13. he's going to be part of the board, which they always f-- us over, so what's going to change now? we're going to get f--ed with honor?
  14. Who gives a crap if it permanently injures them?! transit workers are doing their job, & making ends meat for some a**hole to come beat the shit out of him/her, cause they didn't let them skip the fear, or didn't let them bring a DOG on the bus?! I'm pretty sure you remember THAT story! Transit employees get beaten almost to death & you're worried about someone being injured for life?! I hope this gets passed & all transit employees get to carry them, so there are less to no assaults on transit employees!
  15. So why did M trains have to be delayed, if the problem was coming from the J, & at a station the M doesn't use?
  16. thanks for clearing the confusion everybody! B)
  17. I know it wasn't meant to be a terminal, but couldn't they have made it with layup tracks? I like your idea, but I think the Nostrand Ave line should run down Flatbush Ave after the junction stop, since going from Utica to Nostrand Ave is going backwards. They can both terminate at Kings Plaza, both lines being eleavted, so it can look like the Coney Island station. I'm sorry, but the railfan got to the best of me! B)
  18. Was it necessary to write that? I was once on an train & a guy was asking for money & the conductor saw him, so he put on the soliciting announcement, when the guy heard that, he said quickly & nervously, "thank you everybody, have a great day" & quickly ran to the next car. Hell yeah they don't care, & neither do I (as long as they don't personally bother me) these guys are one of the things that make New York what it is.
  19. Service Change Posted: 03/11/2012 8:41AM Due to track maintenance at the 145th Street Station, select downtown and trains are running local from the 96th Street Station to the Chambers Street Station. Please expect delays in and train service at this time. Could someone please explain to me how this makes sense, why if there's maintenance at 145 both & have to run local on a totally different part of the line?
  20. If the line ever gets extended, (like in a million years) I hope they don't make the same mistake they did by Flatbush Ave & put a bumper block! Flatbush Ave is a dead end, so you don't have extra tracks for storage, which causes the (2)/(5) to be re-routed to Utica/New Lots Aves.
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