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  1. and that's only because the uses it too.
  2. This is ridiculous! why would they want to cut the back to Smith 9 St? doing that is like, cutting the from 71 Ave & ending it's service at Northern Blvd! I'll admit, (as a railfan), I loved seeing the (G)'s terminate at 4 Ave, but service comes first, and when the terminates at 4 Ave, it creates shitty service. At Church Ave, it's not as bad. Yes, I would love to see the be extended to the Bronx, and serve more of Queens!
  3. Yes really, I catch the (2)/(5) at Atlantic Ave, at around 3:30, & trains are 15 minutes a part. Just today a left Atlantic & the next train was to arrive in 17 minutes! If you don't believe me, that's your problem.
  4. I don't know why but lately during the PM rush, around 3:30 there have been about 15 minute gaps on the & ! That's ridiculous even for service during the day! Luckily I also have the , but still 15 f*****g minutes during rush hours!?
  5. I guess having a shuttle bus run between atlantic ave and prospect pk was a bad idea. nobody was happy with it, ESPECIALLY this past monday.
  6. Yeah, I do! It may be a pain in the ass, but it's only, like you said, 4 straight nights, as oppose to, 2 straight months! :cool:
  7. I think that's another 3 weeks, that I won't be eating!
  8. thanks for showing us that picture, now I won't be eating for the next 3 weeks!
  9. *DOUBLE FACEPALM* why is there no end to stupidity? It's bad enough they robbed someone, did they really have to jump on the tracks? Didn't something similar happen by Pacific St on the a few months back?
  10. As a conductor, I can see why you want that to happen!
  11. Twotimer: Why is there a timer on the northbound local track before entering Pacific St? Also coming from a Motroman, is it a bother to drive a train that has no express service, like the & , or is just like driving any other train?
  12. I too am not a big fan of the R42's, but after months of riding the R160's and riding an R42 again, it brings back a lot of memories, I will miss the R42's when they are completely retired. Also what does SMS mean?
  13. Don't know what you're talking about. Whenever I use the , it's always smooth sailing.
  14. B-E-A-utiful! My favorite pic is, the one with the at Rockefeller Center & you can see to the left of it an R68 that's dipped a little!
  15. wow! These are some crystal clear shots! you are cool (D)aniel!
  16. This is a fantasy question about the & & let's say south of Canal St , the tracks split to 4 tracks with 2 island platform (as if an express station) & the Manhattan Bridge tracks would rise between these 2 tracks & the trains would go to their respective tracks. Which would make more sense, to have the run local in Brooklyn, via lower Manhattan & express in Manhattan, & have the run express in Brooklyn, run via the Manhattan Bridge & local in Manhattan? Or, the express in Brooklyn, via Manhattan Bridge & local in Manhattan, & have the run local in Brooklyn & express in Manhattan?
  17. Also being with Verizon , I get service at, Hoyt St, Nevins St, & Atlantic Ave! :cool: I Also got some at Kingsbridge Road . I'm testing at different stations.
  18. * creates weekend map* This is what it'll say on the map. "weekend service map"* *Disclaimer; service is subject to change due to track work pretty damn often.
  19. For express service along Brighton & for 6 Ave service at DeKalb Ave. Just sayin. What? Do you really think Brighton riders don't need/want express service? Do you think, they are thinking to themselves, "Hm, the comes only every 12-14 minutes & they are packed, I don't think I need express service & a supplemental train." I've used Brighton a lot, in the past few years, & would be all for a weekend express! :cool:
  20. Yes, I did something similar to this. When I used to go to school, I would take the (2)/(5) to Atlantic Ave, transfer to the to 9 St, then transfer to the to my stop. There were times, when I would take a to Borough Hall, then exit & transfer to the at Jay St (I had a student pass). Now, I don't know if this route is shorter, if anything it's probably the same timing & if not longer. Even if it is longer, it's a nice, scenic route, & I don't have to climb those horrendous stairs ar 4 Ave-9 St.
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