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  1. Yes, in this day-in-age, people who we think are "normal" do stupid shit like this! It says, Was she actually there? I don't know. It sounds like she was there, but it could be she asked the booth clerk. If he was mentally retarded (which I don't believe) & he was known to do things that weren't right, why did they let him go by himself? I have an autistic brother, that I would NEVER let go anywhere by himself, let alone the subway.
  2. I see what you mean. I guess that's another reason the put up the countdown clocks all over the system.
  3. Unfortunately, being in America, I wouldn't be surprised if this mother won. After this case, the is probably going to have signs & announcements, all over the place, saying in a stern voice, "DO NOT WALK ON THE TRACK OR CROSS THE TRACKS AT ALL TIMES, YES THAT MEANS YOU WISE ASS"
  4. I personally they shouldn't bring them back. 1) Like Via Garibaldi 8 said, it's going to get filthy from millions of people touching it anyway. 2) When people hold onto a straphanger as oppose to the bar, they tend to swing a lot, but with the bar, they are more stable.
  5. It clearly says on each end of every station, "DO NOT ENTER OR CROSS THE TRACK" They probably won't win, unless of course,
  6. Then how do workers work there, if it's so steep? not that it matters, for all I care, I wouldn't even make a stop there.
  7. Question. Are the ®/(N) platform & World Trade Center going to have a free transfer to Fulton St within fare control, or is there going to be a free system transfer?
  8. I've always wondered why the eliminates most express service systemwide, when inclement weather approaches, I assume this is the reason, or at least one of the reasons.
  9. My palm is coming towards my face! Why is it needed? not only is it a roundabout-****-eyed route, but you have the future train, & you can just make a new station on the line, right there! Why not just have the extended to the (7)'s new terminal. Or, you can just transfer at 1 Ave to the & take it to 42 St, one block away.
  10. I mean, it's bigger than her marriage!
  11. Why are west side residents "powerful"? Thanks you! I always said, the should run local with the to South Ferry, but nobody seemed to agree with me. Yeah, 1979 or 80. First, the running over the bridge 24/7 is great, no changes to that. I was saying, why not make it local from Canal, to 42 St? I can say the same thing about the . people coming from White Plains Road, won't be happy adding another 4 minutes or so to their 40 minutes ride. Yes I agree, the should stay express 24/7, along Queens Blvd. The has horrible weekend service, how is late nights any better? And yes, I don't understand why the runs express on CPW. :confused:
  12. This is the exact reason why I HATE the design of, this station, it's 8 ave sister & Atlantic Ave! :mad:
  13. I'm confused. Does he want backpacks banned from trains cause of terror threats, or because he needs more room? If it's for terror threats, have cops that actually check bags. If it's for his own convenient's, then he can go screw himself!
  14. This is a little off topic, but still about night service. A little while back, I asked, "why do trains run local in the city during the night, isn't it long as it is?" & someone answered with, "say someone is coming from Freeman St & wants to get to 66 St. He waits up to 20 minutes for a , takes about 35 minutes to get 72 St, & then has to transfer to & wait up to another 20 minutes for just one stop." Now this is a good answer, but why does the run express all times on Broadway? say someone is coming from Kings Highway & wants to go to 49 St. Or the ? what if someone is coming from Bedford Pk Blvd & wants to go to 14 or 23 Sts? they got to wait up to 20 minutes for a , take it all the way to say, 34 St, (which is about 35-40 minutes) & wait for an , which could take up to another 20 minutes.
  15. I hope you got what I wrote? at night time. not close them permanently, just the night hours! It doesn't matter anyways, people are telling me, it's not worth it. customer wise & money wise, it just ain't worth it.
  16. Just curious. Is it worth it? do people actually use these stations during the night? like I said, during the day, these stations aren't used by a lot, so how much better would it be during the night?
  17. I wanted to know, during late nights, would it be worth it to close certain stations, due to very low ridership. Here are a list of stations I would think should be closed during the night, Bowery , The entire line, Both Rockaway lines till Howard Beach, E 143 St , etc. I was never on the subway during the night, so I don't know if these stations are actually low in ridership, but the fact that they are low during the day, I don't think they would be any better at night. I was thinking if the would close them during night hours, to maybe save some money, so they (the ) don't have to keep these stations open for 1 person. Do you think it would be worth it, or not?
  18. Oh, I thought you were on the Broadway line & you saw a local. It could be, it was put on the local track, because of a service disruption, or it was a mistake put into the computer. I believe it was the latter. I was once on a , (during the day) that said "7 Ave LCL", but it ran it's regular express route, it even had the local announcements playing, LOL.
  19. Jamaica Center opened in 1988, not sure date & month. In those days, (before Jamaica Center), if I'm correct, the ran express from Queens Plaza, till 71 Ave, 24/7. The ran full express from 21 St, till 71 ave, all times except nights. & express from 71 Ave till 179 St, weekdays only. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  20. Doing this is like what happened in "Die Hard 3" with John McClain, when he was sent to Harlem, with that sandwich board sign. Same here, women dressing (or not dressing) like that, is just asking a pervert to rape them. :mad:
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