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  1. I was just adding to VG8's comment, on what kind of people the (& we) always have to deal with. I'm very sorry to bring politics into this, but it's true, Liberals are always complaining. I don't hate them, but they are always complaining. Like by the line, when they wanted the newest cars, with the best air conditioning, & they want express service. It's always these neighborhoods that are complaining! Back to this story. They are complaining about the fact that, it's going to cause crime, but look how many of them moved into Harlem & helped, (along with lots of the older residents) clean up crime. So to here, they can prevent it.
  2. I agree with your idea! but don't you think there are too many riders, to have trains shortened? Otherwise, this is a brilliant idea!
  3. also, it said on the video that, "no trains from 14 St, north" *DOUBLE FACEPALM* If people are on facebook & twitter all day, why can't they take a few minutes of their precious time, to go to the website & see what they're in for, instead of coming into the subway like a schmuck on the weekends (even though they know, that weekends are known for construction) & complaining that there's to many service changes & nobody helped or told them! :mad:
  4. I always hear that Liberals are like that, like they always say, you shouldn't smoke or drive a car, as it's polluting the air, yet Park Slope is one of the hardest places in the city to drive or park & they are constantly smoking there. Oh I love Liberals!
  5. I haven't seen any graffiti, but scratchiti is becoming a real, big problem! It's not like graffiti, where it's on the outside of the train & looks somewhat nice, it on the windows & it can obscure the view at times :mad: If we still had Giuliani as mayor, this wouldn't be happening as much, but we are lucky enough to have Bloombucks as our mayor :tdown:
  6. Now this is starting to make sense! I didnt think the conductor went over to the kid and punched him. Imagine, you as an adult, & some little schmuck mouths off to you, wouldn't you want to beat the ever-loving-shit out of him? Once again, I'm not justifying the conductors actions, I sorta understand why he snapped & punched him, however, he should have contacted the cops. I hope he doesn't lose his job, but he should get some sort of punishment.
  7. Something is weird, the story said, the Conductor snapped, did he tell the kid to get his feet off & just acted snotty to the conductor, or did the conductor just go & punch him? Disclaimer: I'm not justifying the conductors actions, I just want to know if the conductor snapped from seeing him with his feet on the seat, or did he snap, cause the kid talked back to him?
  8. Ok, and? And why delay service, just shut down the 2 lines, & have all trains run till Franklin Ave & Shuttle buses replace them. And when it comes to money, with all the fare hikes & service cuts, I dont believe for a second, that the doesnt have the money for a project like this.
  9. Yeah I see what you're saying & it pretty much makes sense! I like your idea!
  10. Yes! exactly what I was talking about is in your second diagram! I know it would cost a little & shut down service for a long time, but in the end there will be so many less delays along Eastern Pkwy & Nostrand Ave! Thank you!
  11. I completely agree with you on this. People need to have manners & need to treat the subway as if it was their own. Not throwing garbage on the ground, putting feet on seats, etc. This I will completely disagree with you. One time I was on an in Queens & there were a few people putting their feet on the seats & one guy went over to them & told them to get their feet off, aggressively & you know what, they listened to him! & he didn't lay a hand on them.
  12. Let's not forget the million dollars they had to pay.
  13. Yes, finally, someone agrees with me! :cool: However, I think skipping President is a little too much, even if ridership is not the greatest over there I think though, the & should have something a little more like this. What I'm thinking of is, it would require a lot of reconstruction, but have east of Franklin Ave the 2 tracks split apart, then the local track & express track will feed into the middle, creating the Nostrand Ave track & then it will turn down Nostrand Ave, making President St more like, Nostrand, Kingston & Utica Aves, stacked. And visa versa for northbound trains. They'll just raise from under, yet in between, the eastern parkway tracks & then the will merge left with the & the would merge to the right with the . Please let me know if you understand what I'm saying.
  14. Sorry to be Mr. Perfect, but there were actually 2 derailments. yup, surprise, surprise! One was on the or express track, at DeKalb Ave, & the other, I'm pretty sure "6 Lexington Ave" can answer that. And thank you for the survey, of the malfunctions in the system!
  15. Ok, thanks! During the AM, being stalled at President St is not rare at all. So it takes me about a good 6-8 minutes, maybe even more, to get from Sterling St to Franklin Ave. Something stinks like a dead rat! Why did the have to be stalled for that long? especially when you went to Nostrand Ave, caught a then took it to 135 st & saw that same come in shortly. Something is wrong! The Nostrand Ave line get's treated like shit, compared to it's Eastern Pkwy/Livonia counterpart! What do you mean "killed going to the Bronx"?
  16. Oh, so I guess the Uptown track at Canal St is an "up-grade". I'm assuming a "down-grade" is when, trains start to descend, & "up-grade" is when trains ascend? Correct me if I'm wrong, thanks! Writer guy, LOL! :tup:
  17. Weren't LIB's running on a Sunday schedule for the past month?
  18. What about the (B6)? that route seems pretty damn long, no?
  19. But why by Canal St ( & ) do trains run at normal speed? it's tight ass curve, at 90 degrees & yet they run at normal speed. Brooklyn bound trains run a little slower than Queens bound trains, but still at normal speed.
  20. yes, but if I'm coming from 7 ave I want to take a straight to Nostrand Ave, taking a & can sometimes actually make my trip longer. If I see the next is coming in 8+ minutes, especially during rush hour, I will take the to the . I really hope so also! While not exactly "NIS", & it's uncommon, not rare, but uncommon, that the or would run till President & then skip stops along Nostrand Ave. Like I said, I was on a Northbound & a Flatbush bound was leaving, it was about 9:45AM. it happens quite often, not 16 minutes, but infrequent for during the day, especially on weekends & it's so damn annoying! The is not as bad, but it's not to far from the . Compared to the & , the & have horrible service.
  21. I'm surprised the is not on that list. the reason for the , & having better headways than any other line is, 1) they use their own tracks & 2) they are busy lines. In the morning, till approximately 11:30AM, I can understand why the system runs every 12 minutes, but after that every line should run every 8-10 minutes.
  22. sounds interesting & pretty much everybody in NYC is up, so no worry for making noise, hell you can even do it on certain portions of EL, like on the by Pelham Pkway.
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