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  1. Dude, I feel you completely! I have to go through the same crap, every single day! In fact, yesterday, I was sitting in Grand Army Plaza & a Flatbush Ave bound was leaving & the sign said the next was coming in 16 minutes! *FACEPALM* This happens to me way to often, especially on the weekends. Three trains come by & three trains come by, after a while a train comes by! :mad: I understand the has the longest route from all Eastern Parkway trains, but why cant the make shorter gaps for trains?
  2. Buddy, I wasn't talkin about Rush Hours, I was talking about during the day, say about 1:00PM
  3. You've got the worst luck then. it usually takes me a little less than 45 minutes to get from Times Sq to Sterling St
  4. No it wasn't. It said "we are expecting a 1' to a 1' & a half". let's not forget it snowed a day earlier in the Bronx, so people knew it was coming bad!
  5. I said this on another topic, because of cell phones, people call the to complain if a B/O drove away from a stop & they were running after it till the next bus stop, or if they accidentally board a limited & need a local stop & the B/O tells them no, when they ask to get off at a local stop. It's idiots like these who piss me off! :mad: A B/O was telling me once, that back in the 80's people didn't have cell phones, so the TA rarely got any complaints. But now every schmuck calls if they didnt get their way. & this B/O was telling me he got suspended 3 times in the past 2 years, without pay! :mad:
  6. I'm half & half for them suing the . Why wouldn't the conductor let them leave? If they wanted to walk in the snow, let it be their problem, but to hold them in the train? there were no other trains. now I know this probably doesn't have anything to do with this & it's probably coming from left field, but look what happened on 9/11 when they didn't let people leave the south tower after the first plane hit. Now I know the isnt god & they don't create the snow, but there were blizzards that were worse than this & the TA still managed, so why couldn't they get plows & stuff like that & close the line to prevent anything like this from happening However, it isn't the (MTA)'s job to supply food & water for them, heat maybe. Now the only reason I'm against the suing is, because let's say they win & get their money, the is going to say just like they said 2 years ago, that they don't have money & then they will make more cuts & fare hikes. So for me the suing is a 50-50.
  7. I'm speaking from personal experiences. When it comes to frequency, the & take the crown. I know the has bad frequency, but it's a hell of a lot better than the & ! During the day I gotta wait like 10-12 mins for a or & weekends, let's not even go there... But for reliability, I give to the & . Yeah they are very infrequent, but when I get them, I dont usually get stalled for long even with all the merges. Merging after/before the Manhattan bridge doesn't happen too often & by Prospect Park, even less. As for the IRT Rogers Junction, it's a nightmare over there! 6 out of 10 times the has to stall at President St. While the is stalled 3 out of 10 times. & let's not forget about the slow speeds between Franklin & Atlantic Aves northbound. Now when it come to crowding, I give this to the & (I'm saying this like they're a winner! ) I find myself standing more in Brooklyn on the & than on the & . Now when it come to Bridge Vs. Tunnel, it's kinda tough, cause I love the scenic view of a bridge, especially the Manhattan bridge, but I also love the speed of a tunnel. I'm gonna give it to bridges. Sure trains may not be as speedy on bridges as they are in tunnels, but the views are awesome & they don't go that slow, usually the , , or take about 3-4 minutes to cross the bridge.
  8. Yeah it was pretty calm there, when I got there, dont know what happened before & after I got to & left Franklin though. No, pulling the emergency cord is worse than pulling a fire alarm. I always get nervous that some homicidal maniac is going to pull the cord while a train is flying through a tunnel. :eek: Thank you R44 CNG for the video! I finally know when the cord is able to be pulled! I wish the would let people know, they didn't put that anywhere in the subways.
  9. Apparently, yesterday, someone pulled the emergency cord on a Manhattan bound train, as it was entering Franklin Ave. I was coming off a train to catch a , to see that only one half door of each car was open & which seemed to be that the train was shortened, so in my mind I thought it was a shuttle, but I heard nothing about a shuttle & the train said "Woodlawn". So I looked down the station & saw more of the train still in the tunnel, so this was no shuttle. Then, I heard a police officer saying to someone, "Yeah, some jackass pulled the emergency cord" :cool: I couldn't stop laughing, even though I was a little ticked off because of it. If anybody heard about this & know what happened, could you please let me know? Thanks!
  10. There are plenty of times, when I'm on a train & when it comes to a stop & jerks a little, the train doors quickly open, literary as the train stops the doors open simultaneously, it's scares me every time. :eek:
  11. Thanks buddy! you made feel better about this whole automated thing! I love you!
  12. I dont like the idea of a machine driving me on a subway. what happens when there's construction or there are workers on the track, does the motorman take over also?
  13. So that pretty much defeats the purpose of automated trains, if the T/O still gotta apply the brakes. :confused:
  14. Is it good that trains are automated? I dont like the idea of having a machine driving me on a subway train, after they get it systemwide, they probably wont have motorman. I hope it takes them forever to do this, I want to be a motorman for sometime in future.
  15. At least they said sorry! Unfortunately, most of these kids dont have fathers they live with. :tdown: and that's the problem without a father these teens think they can do whatever they want. A friend of mine, who works in a public school, told me, he had one kid in his class who has a father & he's the most behaved kid! Yeah, this happened on a train once. A group was "talking" very loud & as soon as they exited the train, everybody was shaking their heads out of disappointment.
  16. This post is a winner! Of course not every teen is like that. I too am what you described about yourself. I'm saying, most teens today are just asking for trouble!
  17. it sickens me, what kids do these days! :mad: this youtube video "teens in the wild", is both an accurate & funny video, of how teens act today.
  18. I would like to see the run skip-stop with the from 103 St & north. During at least rush hours & maybe during the day (the tends to get a little crowded north of 96 st, even outside rush hours)
  19. Wait the line doesn't need a T/O to drive a train?!
  20. I don't mind if the doesn't run to Brooklyn for a few days, this G.O is cool! but what's going on, that this service change is happening?
  21. I know, I go through the back doors, just because I can't do that on any other bus! I know, it's sad. A B/O was telling me, he was a B/O for over 20 years & back in the 80's people wouldn't complain that much, because of what they had to do to get in touch with the . Today they have cell phone so they call right there and then. He said, someone calls every time they had to run after a bus, because they missed it *FACEPALM* I personally think, the only time a person should call the , is when a B/O is being really nasty to them (& I dont mean, if some idiot got on a limited bus & asked the B/O to stop at a local stop & he said, "no this is a limited bus") or for discrimination.
  22. Transit fans, get your video cameras ready! I'm psyched about this!
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