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  1. Every weekend, one weekend end death threat will be at your door. Every weekend, you will be asking the holy one for mercy. I think they should have left the J the way it was prior to 1977. After they tore it down it was a ghost town. I would want to do as much of the 1939 map as possible to get to areas not reached by subway ( Little Neck, Queens Village, Lauerlton, Rochdale College Point, Hunts Pt, Throggs Neck, etc). S/F, CEYA!
  2. Also Delancy on the F line - north bound front/ Brooklyn bound rear. There are stairs . 52nd st before that building was made was our hangout spot. Good memories Then transit closed part of it up it got all dirty. . S/F, CEYA!
  3. They took away the 17th street exit and entrance on 14th st on the 8th ave. The above should state 8th ave. S/F, CEYA!
  4. It was around the mid 1989-1994 time frame that they started making things smaller. THey took away the 17th street exit and entrance on 14th st. In that video before the stairs, that wall wasn't there years ago. Union Sq was wider on the R Q N line, 42nd st was also on 8th ave. The same way how they made 59th on 8th ave smaller again. Bway and Layfayette was big too going to the 6 train. Waste of money and time. more dust in the stations. If you go to the South west corner you can see they put back (or ) opened the exit entrance that was there. I watched them digged the hole and was surprise to see the entrance. S/F, CEYA!
  5. I miss the 70s and 80s, riding on them was fun. S/F, CEYA!

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