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  1. Oy vey, here's what I somehow managed to salvage. Also, I'm operating under the presumption that the construction is only affecting the Broadway-Lafayette to Essex tunnels runs in two sections, from Woodlawn to Grand Central (express in Bronx/local in Manhattan) and from Brooklyn Bridge to Utica Avenue. runs as Dyre Shuttle runs from Pelham to 125th St rerouted to WTC runs in two sections, from 205th to Prospect Park, and from 36th to Coney Island rerouted to Euclid runs in two sections, from Forest Hills to Bedford-Nostrand, and single-tracking from Bedford-Nostrand to Hoyt-Schermerhorn. runs from Bedford Avenue to Canarsie runs via the Chrystie Street Cut in rush hours only; diverted to Broad Street on weekdays, Myrtle Av Shuttle other times runs in two sections, from Astoria to 34th Street, and from City Hall to Pacific Street runs in two sections, from Forest Hills to Pacific Street (via the from Queens Plaza-West 4th and the from West 4th-DeKalb), and from 36th Street to 95th Street. No ( service No service No Franklin Avenue Shuttle Shuttle Train runs along Culver El from Church Street to Coney Island (signed as ?) Shuttle Train runs along Brighton El from Kings Highway to Coney Island (signed as ?) Shuttle Buses run the following routes (SB for Brooklyn, SM for Manhattan) SB1: Jay Street, Bergen Street, Carroll Street, Union Street, 7th Avenue, 15th Street, Fort Hamilton Parkway, Church Avenue/Kensington SB2: Jay Street, Pacific Street, Union Street, 7th Avenue, Prospect Street, 25th Street, 36th Street SB3: Prospect Park, Church Avenue/Kensington, 36th Street SB4: Prospect Park, Parkside Avenue, Church Avenue/Brighton, Beverley Road, Cortelyou Road, Newkirk Avenue, Avenue H, Avenue J, Avenue M, Kings Highway SM1: 8th Avenue-6th Avenue, Union Square-3rd Avenue-1st Avenue SM2: Union Square-Essex Street-Lorimer Street/Metropolitan Avenue SM3: 34th Street/Herald Square-28th Street/Broadway-23rd Street/Broadway-Union Square-8th Street/Broadway-Houston Street/Broadway-Prince/Spring Streets-Canal Street/Broadway-City Hall-(Fulton Street) SM4: 34th Street/Herald Square-West 4th Street-City Hall SM5: Grand Central-34th Street/Park-28th Street/Park-23rd Street/Park-Union Square-Astor Place-Houston
  2. To VWM's 'monstrosity', here goes: South Ferry-137, Shuttle buses between 137-168, 168-207, 207-242 207-Lefferts/Howard Beach JFK. ( Manhattan: 145-34, Brooklyn: Atlantic-Coney Island. Shuttle buses between Prospect Park-Sheepshead Bay 205-WTC/Pacific-Coney Island (via West End) Jamaica-Broadway Junction. Shuttle buses between Bway Jct-Marcy, Myrtle-Jay/Metrotech No service, shuttle buses between Myrtle-Metropolitan Astoria-Queensboro Plaza, Pacific-Coney Island (via Sea Beach) No service, take (B)/® Forest Hills-Whitehall/Court St-Bay Ridge No service, take Broad Channel-Far Rockaway W4-Grand
  3. Start your disco set with this to let people know you mean business. Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood (Too Much Dub)
  4. I don't know where the foundries get the great idea to charge so much for what amount to pixels on a screen. I do graphic design work at university, so I have a lot of these fonts, included Akzidenz-Grotesk / Univers / Gotham / Frutiger / Helvetica, the like. Works wonders for my BVE realism!
  5. Gotta love that font. Anybody know when that sign was taken down?
  6. Do you need power to operate the front rollsigns, or can they be manually operated?
  7. Meh, I'll probably find out on Wikileaks soon.
  8. How did you get on? Part of the job?
  9. True, but I mean one where the public can go inside the cars. I've never been on a yard tour, so I'm not aware of the protocol as such, but if, say, one of the cars was mounted next to a platform/siding with the doors opened, so people could walk around.
  10. I think it would be an interesting event (that the Transit Museum could put on, perhaps) if the R110A/B were put on public display at one of the yards or something. Not necessarily running them, but just showing people what the process is like of testing new subway cars. I think it would be quite interesting (and a definite trip for the fans). I'm sure somewhere deep in the bowels of the MTA media archives there is even more footage of the R110s.

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