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  1. Revival of the old IRT double local that ran on Lexington south of 42nd St and Broadway north of it. 8 local train. --START-- Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall Canal St Spring St Bleecker St Astor Pl 14 St - Union Sq 23 St 28 St 33 St 42 St - Grand Central 42 St - Times Square 50 St 59 St - Columbus Circle 66 St 72 St 79 St 86 St 96 St 103 St 110 St 116 St 125 St 137 St 145 St 157 St 168 St 179 St - GW Bus Terminal --END-- Would alleviate local crowding on both the and . Never mind the difficulty in organizing such a line.
  2. Here's a that's supremely extended on both sides. This alignment will serve Brooklyn crosstown, Red Hook, 2nd Ave, and 3rd Ave in the Bronx. Starting from the Brooklyn side: Canarsie Remsen Ave/Foster Ave Ralph Ave/Foster Ave Kings Hwy/Foster Ave Albany Ave/Ave H Nostrand Ave Ocean Ave ( Coney Island Ave McDonald Ave 17th Ave New Utrecht Ave (connects to N for express service) Fort Hamilton Pkwy 8th Ave 59th St 36th St (splits to prepare to turn into Red Hook) 20th St/5th Ave 14th St/3rd Ave Clinton St/Lorraine St Richards St/Wolcott St Delavan St/Van Brunt St President St/Columbus St Atlantic Ave/Columbus St Clark St/Hicks St Seaport Chatham Sq Grand St ( Houston St 14th St 23rd St 34th St 42nd St 55th St 72nd St interlining to 116th 79th St 86th St 96th St 103rd St 110th St 116th St 125th St 138th St 149th St 163rd St Claremont Pkwy Tremont Ave 182nd St Fordham Rd (line moves to Webster Ave) Bedford Park Blvd 205th St Gun Hill Rd
  3. This isn't possible with the current track layout. The uptown and downtown lines are stacked along the park. There's no way to get the or to stop at 96th. In other news, my infill stations: Avenue T ( Neptune Ave 3rd St 7th Ave South Tillary St Atlantic Ave
  4. For a shuttle on Ave B, you could keep it tighter for better stops. After 14th and B, how about 10th St 7th St 4th St Houston St
  5. Those are some mighty fast jaunts through Manhattan and Brooklyn. Also, I know it's sort of beating a dead horse, but Rockaways/Breezy Point riders don't really need service past Beach 116th St. Also also, your four Manhattan stops are pretty confusing. E 116th St, 42nd St, either Broadway-Lafayette or LES-2 Av, then West Houston and Av C? Some local service is cool too.
  6. Two ideas. 1. The (8), running local from Brooklyn Bridge to 125th St, then running with the , express from 149 St - Grand Concourse to East 180th St and then to Nereid Av from there, allowing the to consistently run to Eastchester. Runs 5 AM - 10 PM weekdays only. Runs R142s. 2. Hudson St - 9th Av - Columbus Av Local to 125th St at Park Av. White bullet, runs R142As and R188s. Stops/Transfers: Chambers St North Moore St Canal St West Houston St Christopher St (PATH) 11th St 14th St-9th Av 23rd St 28th St 34th St 42nd St-Port Authority 49th St 58th St 65th St-Lincoln Center 72nd St 81st St 86th St 96th St 105th St 110th St-8th Av ( 116th St-Lenox Av 120th St-Madison Av 125th St-Park Av
  7. I like the idea of the stop at the FDNY training center.
  8. Lower Manhattan/5th Av/Central Park East Local New IND line. Runs: R68, R160B, R211. Utilizes Lenox Yard. Pink (Y) South Ferry (connection to ) Fulton St Worth St @ Lafayette St Broome St @ Broadway West Houston St @ W Broadway Washington Square Park N @ 5th Av 14th St @ 5th Av 23rd St @ 5th Av 34th St @ 5th Av 42nd St @ 5th Av 53rd St @ 5th Av 59th St @ 5th Av 66th St @ 5th Av 72nd St @ 5th Av 82nd St @ 5th Av 89th St @ 5th Av 96th St @ 5th Av 104th St @ 5th Av 110th St @ 5th Av 116th St @ 5th Av 125th St @ 5th Av 135th St @ 5th Av 142nd St @ 5th Av
  9. Additionally, R160s have double doors at the ends of the cars while the R143 uses large single doors.

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