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  1. I don't think it's the frequency that's a problem, but more of maintaining the frequency, 7th Av/Broadway line runs 4-6 minutes in mid-day.
  2. You have to remember how dense some of the stations on the are,and each station is not an equal distance from each other, so station count doesn't equal line length.
  3. CTK246

    Ha I love your username

  4. Or they could have a parking garage for trains, an elevator for trains and lots of tracks and platforms and maybe the first floors can be bus garages, any takers?
  5. Theres always the option of taking the M15 SBS, It think it would be better to have all cars be 51' instead of 51' & 60'. It creates less of a hassle, if they to have a Corona train running on the other IR lines (IE the Corona set running on the ) Also to avoid the problem with the BMT/IND 60' & 75'
  6. And the Answer is Kings Hwy, Train Fanatic wins, but he passes
  7. Here's one for earlier this year, guess where this is:
  8. Here's a guess from me, "Brooklyn, Bath and West End Railroad."
  9. Its (:(/(Q) Kings Highway, Quentin Rd. Entrance Ill pass if correct.

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