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  1. Great pics! Reminds you that despite the wear and tear on that 40S, the 42s will always be off worse.
  2. R27/30s. Foaming ever since that video of those leftover bodies seen in California.
  3. R42s are just loud, and irritating to anyone's ears. After the SMS, the 32s are much quieter, and I actually enjoy the new acceleration noise.
  4. ...why? We have the AirTrain now, one of the reasons went bye-bye was because the TA planned to build a replacement that would run from Jamaica (where the and LIRR could connect people), right into the JFK terminal (something the Train to The Plane didn't do - you had to transfer to a shuttle bus after getting off, for some couple hundred feet). Instead of foaming about something that is now completely in the past, by what we have today, let's worry about the real situation at hand - LaGuardia's highway connections are absolutely awful during peak times. A connection from the City, Astoria, or Queens Blvd would be beneficial for LaGuardia, and in a sense, is something we really could use at this time.
  5. Recounting a tale my father told me some few months ago during one of our subway discussions... Back in the early 70s, during the outbreak of the graffiti plague, and when the 'TA began it's decade of downfall, passengers too were becoming more of a 'screwy' bunch... After dropping his then-girlfriend at home sometime around midnight sometime around spring in '74 after seeing a movie in the Bronx, he was heading back home on an R21/22 2 train, heading downtown on the White Plains Road line. Somewhere around Burke, a stout, short man with a Cambodian or Vietnamese complexion, wearing nothing but a pair of jean shorts, boards the train carrying....a sheathed samurai sword. After the doors shut, he unsheaths the sword, and stands in the middle of the train, with two hands on the blade, staring intently at the storm door, facing my dad's side of the car, with, from what he remembers, a very grave, mentally deranged face. He does this, until a police officer boards the train at 180th (possibly was on break), walks up to this buster, points at him, and says "Put the sword down." The idiot slashes the cop's fingers with the blade, some blood trickles right down his arm, and he pulls his gun, unlocks the safety..."Drop it. Now." It's a cease-fire for multiple stations down, stop, and go, multiple times, as the dumbshit keeps his sword drawn, ready to strike, until 149th, when about 5 cops lunge at him the moment the doors open, and after a short scuffle, pull him and his sword away down to the station, and hopefully, Bellevue to lock this nutcase away for eternity. It's times like this when we all take today's system for granted. Be thankful something as outrageous as this couldn't happen today, thanks to weapon safety laws, and the like.
  6. How do you convert Magiclands' content (which was originally made for TRS2004) to newer games? I can't figure it out. I have 2006, and TC. Help is much appreciated.
  7. "Ya only speak Englassh! Nawt JamaiCON, IndiON!!!" This is the worst I've seen of them so far. Notice she is drunk, she drinks whiskey at 26 seconds into the clip... such ignorance! /discuss?
  8. That Arnine is lookin' good! Poor old R14 looks like it's just about ready for scrap. Either take it out of its misery, or give it some paint coating to cover that nasty graffiti. Nice shots! You have any shots of 103?...
  9. Well done on the photoshops. Lets hope these old rattlers can make another 6 years then!
  10. Has anybody gone on any of them? There's supposed to be just one more coming up. I wanted to go, but on a Tuesday.....
  11. Cool find. I never knew they installed those kinds on any R62...
  12. Since I skim threads, Idk if anyone mentioned it but... Does he mean the 'abandoned' station at Mrytle Avenue? It's just boarded up with an art thingy inside of it, can't see it well, but a glimpse is possible out of B/Q trains going Manhatten bound.
  13. Very interesting article, thanks for sharing... hard to believe we've changed so much from those times, of graffiti laced trains/stations, and when it was dangerous to roam the stations at night... That first picture gave me the creeps even

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