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  1. i havent posted for a while ive been busy working but i must say day ten is a mental process!Its funny because i went to day 10 and passed.I KNOW IAM A EXCELLENT DRIVER!!!!CLASS A!!!!DRIVERS LICENCE!and from day 1 that was a problem the instructor was very hard on me.I DIDNT QUALIFY ON DAY 7 OR DAY 9.Its funny because i was on of the best drivers from day 1.then on day 9 i aced it.Guys hit the curb couldnt even get the bus in drive and the instructor passed them and sent me to day 10 stating that i was to cocky!!!wow thats what she said i was to cocky.You have to own it!!!!!
  2. please listen to rts.Iam a very humble man who takes pride in being the best in whatever i do in life,Thats how i was raised.I went into training very confident and was belittled,not liked,called cocky and almost jobless.There was guys who curbed the bus on day 9 and was put through,guys who couldnt even open doors or get the bus in drive and made it through.I was pushed to day 10 because i was confident.Iam very happy to have made it but iam also a little disappointed on how i was treated.ON day 9 on our break all the other drivers shook my hand because they felt like i was the only 1 who drove the bus good enough to get through.(WITHOUT ANY MISTAKES!PERFECT).What a reality check i was pushed to day 10.It was very stressful because i didnt have a job to fall back on,lost my mother,and just had a son.Thank god i made it.Transit bx go into training like you dont know anything,Act clueless.I WAS PUSHED TO THE EDGE.Good luck and god bless you.Once again i must thank every 1 for being concerned!especially RTS MUCH LOVE TO YOU BRO!THAT DUDE TOOK THE TIME TO CALL ME ON THE PHONE!HE TOOK IT FURTHER THEN BEING ON THIS FORUM.:tup:I WAS SO DOWN AND HE LIFTED MY SPIRITS:cool:
  3. could you give me a call 3474794857 or 7184813293 my name is time i dont care what time it is i need to talk to you

  4. day ten is the day u get 2 instructor. Iam feeling I have new tralner and new slate.lam mentally prepared.i leArned a lot about myself
  5. :cool: TRANSITBX dont get nervious you'll be ok.i really believe its a learning experience for me.the extra training going to make me sharper.i truly believe i aced it but my instructer didnt see that.its not hard at all.he said my rightside spacing was off and my fowared planing so now i have to work on that.At first i was down but i cleared my headed and iam ready to do it.pressure bust pipes are make makes diamonds.IAM A DIAMOND AND IAM ABOUT TO SHINE!I thank every1 for the kind words and support i will see you guys on day 9 with the good news.
  6. the instructor said he feels like only 1 guy out of the bunch is good enough to go through to day 7.iam down but i know i will qualify by day 9.i really feel like i need to grow and hopefully another instructor will see that iam a good driver.i could really bitch and complain but iam gonna man up and make it happen!!!i need and want this job!!!
  7. day 6 i was informed that i need more training i feel hurt because i drove the hell out of that bus!!!!i guess i have to regroup and get ready to try again on day 8&9
  8. b4 medical get a letter from your doctor stating your bp is controlled.relax eat a lot of veggies drink a lot of garlic tea a few days b4 medical and you'll be fine.
  9. i was suppose to let him know that i saw the hazard.my instructor took it as i didnt do a full scan.i saw the hazard i was clear way before the guy came up but my instructor was talking to another student on the bus i think i got to lax and it was a dumb error on me.you cant get lax are get tunnel vision because in a half a second that 40,000 lb monster(bus) can kill some1. ive learned its a process sometimes the day of extra training is good.we pick depots by our list # not who gets out of training 1st.i feel good that i can get out in 7 because i know i can handle the bus but its in my instructors hands.Next week is game time where going to manhattan where its busy.Everything we did this week has to elevate to a higher level time to show up,i feel ready! this whole weekend iam in my student manual and mentally working on my weak points.I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED BRO
  10. transit bx today was almost a perfect day in the morning i let a bike sneak up on my right iam not making any excuses even though it wasnt my fault(LOL)but i"ll eat it.My instuctor explained that was the only reason he couldnt give me a perfect day.Its no big deal because i respect my instructor hes really shaping us into bus operators he very stern and he gives it too us raw.Each day i get stronger and discover my strengths and weak points.I feel good about qualifying @ least by day 8 the latest,Its a learning process.Iam putting my game face on for monday its the playoff next week and iam going to deliver!!!!!!!
  11. transit its easy i have experience but like will said you have to drive there way.iam going to tell you this.Throw away all that stuff you did at your old job it means nothing!You have to drive the mta way.3-5 miles when turning.you do have an advantages because you drove a bus but it means nothing to the instructor if you dont drive the way it wants you too
  12. everythings going ok.i learned how to get my nose dirty.iam making my turns a lot better,even thought this moring i touched the curb poor foward plannning didnt have 4 feet when i turned.after that i was good to go.
  13. rts 2morrow is el pillers for me to you have any advice
  14. get a letter fron docter stating your blood pressure is controlled i did it and didnt have a problem
  15. transit bx your welcome i hope so too,but if not i know i will qualify by day 9 iam not trying to be cocky just confident!I learned not to rush!use those mirrors and protect your right side!!!Once you show the instructor that it seems like a piece of cake!!
  16. yeah hang in there bro because they are hiring iam in my 3rd day of training there was a lot of training buses on the road today
  17. congrats transit bx iam going on day 3 tommorow so far things are easy!!
  18. congrats jaydubs!!!!!iam going on day 3 tomorrow of training.iam not going to lie i found the driving pretty easy so far.foward planning is important,keeping 4 feet away from the cars on right side is important and protecting your right side.i had problem adjusting my mirror but once i found my pivot i was good.3-5 miles on the turns and it cake!!!will keep you gus posted so far iam enjoying myself
  19. transit you"ll be ok!!!!congrats too you bro.fyi they dont sweat convictions if there 10 years are older& arent murder are child molestation.relax your almost there.keep it up and you'll get dq for high blood pressure lol!!!thats a joke
  20. i wouldnt worry about it.you didnt get fired.
  21. your good next stop medical!!!!!
  22. good luck!!!!you'll be ok.you have been blessing all of us who are waiting with valuable info!!!!your gonna make it!!!!
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