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  1. i havent posted for a while ive been busy working but i must say day ten is a mental process!Its funny because i went to day 10 and passed.I KNOW IAM A EXCELLENT DRIVER!!!!CLASS A!!!!DRIVERS LICENCE!and from day 1 that was a problem the instructor was very hard on me.I DIDNT QUALIFY ON DAY 7 OR DAY 9.Its funny because i was on of the best drivers from day 1.then on day 9 i aced it.Guys hit the curb couldnt even get the bus in drive and the instructor passed them and sent me to day 10 stating that i was to cocky!!!wow thats what she said i was to cocky.You have to own it!!!!!
  2. could you give me a call 3474794857 or 7184813293 my name is time i dont care what time it is i need to talk to you

  3. b4 medical get a letter from your doctor stating your bp is controlled.relax eat a lot of veggies drink a lot of garlic tea a few days b4 medical and you'll be fine.
  4. get a letter fron docter stating your blood pressure is controlled i did it and didnt have a problem
  5. congrats jaydubs!!!!!iam going on day 3 tomorrow of training.iam not going to lie i found the driving pretty easy so far.foward planning is important,keeping 4 feet away from the cars on right side is important and protecting your right side.i had problem adjusting my mirror but once i found my pivot i was good.3-5 miles on the turns and it cake!!!will keep you gus posted so far iam enjoying myself
  6. good luck!!!!you'll be ok.you have been blessing all of us who are waiting with valuable info!!!!your gonna make it!!!!
  7. thanks for all the info jaydubs.iam up may 9th and iam mentally ready
  8. so noflexdont do they show you how to use the brakes
  9. are the brakes on the bus those type of brakes that you touch and the bus comes to a hard stop.
  10. id like to thank you noflexdont for that tip.I must say ive been on this forum for a while waiting for my chance to become a bo.The info ive recieved from guys like you rts,jmazz,even locomotion (because he always has some great questions or good feed back) has given me such a great outlook on what to expect.Id like to say to all the newguys or anyone waiting to be called just be patient stick it out and absorb from this forum.Your time will come!When it does you"ll be ready,and to all the guys who contribute to this forum keep up the good work!I START MY TRAINING MAY 9TH!!!YOU GUYS HELPED ME SO MUCH!!!THANK YOU
  11. young foch thanks.iam up may 9.i hope i do it in 7 days
  12. not yet i know i have to report to zeriga on may 9.iam working 4 mabstoa
  13. thanks rts i start my training may 9 iam ready to become a bus operator!!!!!!!!
  14. Id really like to thank RTS for taking the time out and answering all of my questions in my inbox.Thank you so much.
  15. did you recieve a letter yet?i recieved mines today 2801

  16. as long as your up front and honesty you wont have a poblem.Trust me transit will find out.I know for a fact they dont hold convictions against IF IT WAS OVER 10 YEARS,& wasnt a very serious offense.
  17. bigguyadem how high was you suppose to score?92 is a fair score
  18. primomjr78 why wont they call bigguyadem?
  19. yes i did have truck driving experience but there very thirsty.you can tell them you had delivery experience and they hire you.they wont put you in a fedex truck they"ll put you in a budget rental truck.iam on list 2801 mapstoa,i was called a while back, went through medical assigned to zeriga they saw a didnt have my licence for a full 3 years so they put me on hold until i was ready.now iam ready and there on freeze

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