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  1. May I get an R160 find please and 2 station signs to go with it? Thanks so much and sorry if it's a bit much! 7 train extended in both directions (assumes that SAS/ESA were completed). Flushing Local 127 St-College Point 1. Next Stop: Canal Street - Holland Tunnel 2. Charles Street PATH (at Christopher St) 3. 14 Street 4. 23 Street - Chelsea Piers 5. 34 Street - Javits Center M34 Select Bus Service 6. 41 Street - 10 Avenue 7. Times Square • PABT 8. 5 Avenue - Bryant Park 9. Grand Central • Metro-North • LIRR 10. Vernon Boulevard - Jackson Avenue 11. Hunters Point Avenue LIRR 12. Court Square E G M 13. Queensboro Plaza N W 14. 33 Street - Rawson Street 15. 40 Street - Lowery Street 16. 46 Street - Bliss Street 17. 52 Street - Lincoln Avenue 18. 61 Street - Woodside LIRR 19. 69 Street - Fisk Avenue 20. 74 Street - Broadway E F M R • Q33/47 to LGA 21. 82 Street - Jackson Heights Q33 to LGA 22. 90 Street - Elmhurst Avenue 23. Junction Boulevard Q72 to LGA 24. 103 Street - Corona Plaza 25. 111 Street Q48 to LGA 26. Mets - Willets Point Q48 to LGA • LIRR (during games) 27. Flushing - Main Street Q48 to LGA • LIRR 28. 149 Street - Northern Boulevard 29. 150 Street - Willets Point Boulevard 30. 15 Avenue 31. Parsons Boulevard - Whitestone Bridge 32. 132 Street 33. College Point - 127 Street Station signs: Uptown, 42 St, & Queens To College Point or Flushing via Local. Weekday afternoons take express for stops after Flushing. To College Point-127 St via Express, Weekday afternoons. Other times take local. To Tribeca, Manhattan To Tribeca-Chambers St, via Flushing Express, AM rush hours. Other times take local on opposite track. Again, thanks so much.
  2. May I have a few FASTRACK-based signs please? Court Square-23 St Jay St-Metrotech Whitehall St-South Ferry ---and a destination sign at 42 Street?--- Downtown and Brooklyn via 8 Av Local FASTRACK To Far Rockaway or Ozone Park, late nights. Other times on express track. To Euclid Avenue, all times except late nights. Late nights take . To Lower East Side-2 Av, late nights. Other times take to 5 Av for to Coney Island. To World Trade Center, all times. To Coney Island-Stillwell Av, late nights. Other times take to 5 Av for . Other times, only and stop here. Much appreciated and sorry if it's a lot.
  3. to Bedford Park? Must have been a serious switch problem, and I hope SOMEBODY got a picture or something.
  4. :May I get a station sign: Willets Point - 126 Street (three bullets, one Dark Red, one Magenta/Pink, and one Sienna with any designations that aren't used) :and 2 R160 exterior signs: [whichever design. you used with the Dark Red] to WHITESTONE via 5 AV LCL via QUEENS LCL to CROWN HEIGHTS via PELHAM EXP via LEXINGTON AV EXP via EASTERN PKWY EXP Thanks so much and sorry for the lack of decisiveness B)
  5. May I get two fantasy signs? If you don't mind, can they both be in white? thanks. abbreviate wherever and however, wrote them out for personal reference. (12) This Is (12) Steinway St (12) Transfer: M,R (12) To Whitestone-Francis Lewis Blvd (12) The Next Stop Is (12) 69 St-BQE (12) 4:45 PM (13) This Is (13) Willets Point-126 St (13) Transfer: 12,14 (13) To Jamaica Ctr-Archer Av (13) The Next Stop Is (13) Roosevelt Av (13) 3:16 PM thanks so much.
  6. Understandable. Best of luck on the test btw. Ah, I remember taking that test so long ago (i.e. 2 years ago).
  7. May I have a flipdot for the Bx22 to Bedford Park?
  8. Amazing sign! :tup: Btw, was the Bedford Park to West Farms branch via Tremont & Jerome or what?
  9. Damn, I know I've been here but I can't put my finger on it, so I'll take a shot in the dark. East Broadway ? If so, pass.
  10. May I get a few more please? --------------- Queens To Jamaica - 179 St, via Queens Blvd Exp. All times. To Forest Hills - 71 Av, via Queens Blvd Lcl. Nights take to 51 St for . --------------- Manhattan & Queens To 168 St, Manhattan. via Eighth Avenue Lcl. Late nights take To Jamaica-179 St, Queens. via Sixth Avenue Lcl, All times. --------------- Flushing, Forest Hills, & Jamaica to Flushing-Main St, all times. to Jamaica Center. via Express. Late nights via local. to Jamaica-179 St, via Express. all times. to Forest Hills-71 Av, weekdays. Other times take . to Forest Hills-71 Av. Nights take .
  11. I agree with the train idea. About the Second Av. stations, while they would be convenient stations, they wouldn't work: There is already a Second Av. station on the (hence it's title, 2nd Av). The won't happen because the Queens-bound end of 53 St. - Lexington Av. is at, if not passed Third Av. Similar with the at 59 St. - Lexington Av. AND the at Grand Central.
  12. If there is, that'd seem to satisfy some of the minor issues people keep bringing up.
  13. May I get an avatar-sized one that says Q44? Thanks.
  14. I've noticed that before, when I'd take the Bx19 from there. I always wondered why it was there.
  15. Well, as 7LineFan had said a few posts above, similar issues happen on the . There are Queens-bound trains that are scheduled to terminate at Willets Point, but their rollsigns still say to Main St. It's just announced that it's stopping short. As long as the announcer on the 3 Av-bound mentions that it's stopping short (i.e. "This is a 3 AVENUE-138 STREET BOUND train"), the signs won't make THAT big of a difference. Worst case scenario, they'll get off at 3 Av and continue their trip. Not too much of an inconvenience, because if they knew beforehand, they'd still be waiting for another train -- only difference would be waiting in Manhattan opposed to waiting at 3 Av.
  16. Thanks so much. They look excellent :cool:
  17. May I have a few please? -------------------------------- Uptown & Queens To Jamaica - 179 St, via Queens Blvd Exp. To Harlem - 125 St, via Second Av. -------------------------------- Downtown & Brooklyn via Lexington Av Local To Brooklyn Bridge, all times. Late nights to Brooklyn stops here. via 2 Av/Broadway Exp. To Coney Island, Brooklyn all times. via 2 Av Local To Hanover Square, all times.
  18. Ah, one of my favorites, in fact. If only I adhered to it more. Amazing as usual, lance. Thanks.
  19. May I request one of the exterior LCDs? ( BEDFORD PK BLVD ( 6 AV EXP ( BRIGHTON EXP ( CONCOURSE LCL -- if you have a number route designation (which you prob. dont), can I have a 2nd exterior? BROOKLYN BRIDGE CITY HALL LEX AV LOCAL PELHAM EXPRESS thanks so much! :tup:

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