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  1. Hey Harryo714 both of those classes r CI?
  2. Thank u. Yes, I am the last guy from test 8080. There r 20 guys who r starting with me. Besides me there is 1 more guy from test 8080. Rest r provisional who took the exam on March 3, 2012. Don't worry u might get called soon cuz after my class another class of 60 more CI have been scheduled. There is a new class coming on March 12 but I don't know how many people r in it. I have been given option of Coney Island yard or 207st in Manhattan. Mostly ppl in my class want to go to Coney Island cuz of the location. I wish u good luck on the practical.

  3. i failed test 8080. I am taking another test in 2 weeks. So does that mean you are the last guy from that list to be hired? Any idea where you are going yet?

  4. I got called off the list 8080. There are 18 more guys who are starting wit me. Out of 18, ,one is permanent & rest r provisional. I have heard there is another class coming after mine.

  5. You got called for CI? Congratulations. Did you get called off the last list? How may guys are starting with you? I got called also but didnt make it to the medical. I guess they had as many as they needed

  6. How long it took them to call u for ur 2nd drug test after the first 1?
  7. What do u mean by your second drug test? Is it possible that they might call u for drug test again?...Reason I'm askin this is because I was called for drug test on April 19...They told me that they will call me within 30 days...I still haven't heard anything?

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