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  1. Hey Harryo714 both of those classes r CI?
  2. Thank u. Yes, I am the last guy from test 8080. There r 20 guys who r starting with me. Besides me there is 1 more guy from test 8080. Rest r provisional who took the exam on March 3, 2012. Don't worry u might get called soon cuz after my class another class of 60 more CI have been scheduled. There is a new class coming on March 12 but I don't know how many people r in it. I have been given option of Coney Island yard or 207st in Manhattan. Mostly ppl in my class want to go to Coney Island cuz of the location. I wish u good luck on the practical.

  3. I got called off the list 8080. There are 18 more guys who are starting wit me. Out of 18, ,one is permanent & rest r provisional. I have heard there is another class coming after mine.

  4. How long it took them to call u for ur 2nd drug test after the first 1?
  5. What do u mean by your second drug test? Is it possible that they might call u for drug test again?...Reason I'm askin this is because I was called for drug test on April 19...They told me that they will call me within 30 days...I still haven't heard anything?

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