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  1. The R160 I rode today were sets borrowed from the :tup:
  2. Why does the legality of riding the loop change after 9pm on weekends?
  3. Last year we went on a school trip to some museum in the middle of no where (we crossed all of New Jersey) on coach bus. We were dropped off at the school but because our student passes are invalid past 8:30pm or something, we were stranded in Midtown. We showed our School IDs to the station agent and we were allowed in. Thanks god the agent was a nice lady. :confused:
  4. Not like anything is going to happen to him BTW, City Hall is legit but the South Ferry loop could get you into trouble.
  5. Due to a train with mechanical problems at the 57th Street Station, please expect delays in service on the uptown , and trains at this time. Oh god what is it now? Door malfunction?
  6. What is used to clean graffiti on trains and on the platforms? Why is there always a chalky residue on the FIND signs on R142, R142As, R160s?

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