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  1. Hey guys I have a quick question for those who took the q44 to the Bronx what time did you take it to get there on time.Have to get there for 7 thanks.
  2. Thanks guys for clearing that up I hope and pray I get one of those.
  3. Hey guys as far as I could understand that TA is for all the other borough except Queens which is for MTA therefore if you work for TA you can't choose a depot in Queens.
  4. Now this is the deal took drug test on nov 12 waiting on call for second drug test,I also had taken the boss for 2301 just receive letter to go in for pre employment next week don't know if I should go what do you guys think.
  5. Thanks guys,i did apply with veolia,and yes i have a class b.But i can't find a ph# for them
  6. I had fill out an application with nice over a year never heard from them ,do you think i should call them.Thanks
  7. Hi guys have to take the boss exam any suggestion on what to expect.Thanks.
  8. Hi does anybody know what is on the boss exam.Thank you
  9. You need to get medical certificate filled out by doctor and take it to dmv if not you will get A3 on your permit.You can get the form on line.
  10. You need to get medical certificate filled out by doctor and take it to dmv if not you will A3 on your permit.You can get the form on line.
  11. I was thinking about b/o.
  12. I does anyone knows if mta will hire you if you have points on your license i have 6 but did the points reduction course.Thanks.
  13. I have a BPS which i could drive a school bus(which i am) transit or even coach which carry 40+ you should go and get it done so you will no more problems in the future.
  14. I don't think mta is hiring right now i tried calling them everyday.
  15. Hi does anyone knows what comes on the school safety exam.Thanks
  16. I work for a school bus co so i was looking for a part time job i went to access a ride in Queens the guy told me it will not work out said most people work for school bus co and then work for him leave after 2 months because they get burnt out and also i have to do 2 weeks of training,does this training necessary.The part time was weekend only i askes for,is there a co that will hire without the training since i already drive a bus.
  17. I just started working for a bus co in long island but they do not have union and they are very big,is pioneer a good co to work for.thnks
  18. Thanks tim66 i called them said yes they are hiring.thanks
  19. I just called pionner said the are not hiring,just laid off 20 drivers.
  20. Hi does anyone know of any school bus co.that is hiring in the ny metro area.
  21. HI Does anyboby knows of a charter bus co.that is hiring pt.

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