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  1. Will you be making any more of these? It's been months!
  2. Thanks, Lance! Gave you +1 for that, but I have a second request. Can I get an R160 Exterior saying: Super Express 6 Av Express Culver Express Coney Island
  3. I would like an R32 side sign (like the ones in page 100) if available. I want it to say: 125 Street Manhattan TO -> Stillwell Avenue Coney Island Broadway Express
  4. No trains at all between 103rd St and 242 St - Van Cortlandt Park? I don't think Suspending the would be a good idea...
  5. I would route this a little differently. Instead of going to Fordham Plaza, the route should go to Dyckman St via Nagle Ave. (The route will still connect to the ) Stops: Broadway & Mosholu Ave Huxley & Mosholu Aves Fieldston Rd & Mosholu Ave 256th St & Mosholu Ave 256th St & Riverdale Ave 254th St & Riverdale Ave 252nd St & HH Parkway 249th St & HH Parkway 246th St & HH Parkway 239th St & HH Parkway 236th St & HH Parkway 232nd St & HH Parkway 230th St & HH Parkway 227th St & HH Parkway Independence Av & HH Parkway (Southbound Only) Kappock St & Knolls Crescent Kappock St & Johnson Ave Irwin Ave & Johnson Ave 230th St & Riverdale Ave 230th St & Kingsbridge Ave 230th St & Broadway 228th St & Broadway 225th St & Broadway (Subway ) Kingsbridge Rd & Bailey Ave 193rd St & Bailey Ave Sedgwick Ave & Bailey Ave Fordham Rd & Sedgwick Ave Fordham Rd & Cedar Ave (MetroNorth Trains) 207th St & 10th Ave (Subway ) 204th St & Nagle Ave Dyckman St & Nagle Ave (Subway ) Dyckman St & Sherman Ave Dyckman St & Broadway (Subway )
  6. Just wondering. How long does it take to finish the signs? It's already been three days. (Not a complaint)
  7. R143/R160. LCL Manhattan 2nd Av Local Bronx 3rd Av Local To Co-Op City Via Gun Hill Rd
  8. Please make a sign that says: 42nd Street - Grand Central (U) Metro-North *Note the (U) is teal blue like the T.

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