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  1. I picked rdo relief midnights on the Eastside 3 days on the 6 and 2 days on the 3, i pasted on the last pm job, it had 4 late days starting in Brooklyn
  2. Just to give you guys an idea on the job so far, I started in the summer of 2018 ( list number 3xx) Been in the A division since I start, and after almost 3 years I was finally able to pick. Me personally, I didn’t mind being XX. You make money from being on board, especially at being at the top of the XX list. People are retiring but not fast enough. One of the benefits of having a picked job now is that I will barely have to deal with screw office now. Good luck to all the future new hires.
  3. Does any one know when the next C/R or T/o exam will be?????

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