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  1. MY XBOX GOT THE F***ING RED RING OF DEATH!!! I unplugged it, turned that s*** back on, and it works like new. I got scared out of my pants for a second.

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    2. Grand Concourse

      Grand Concourse

      well i did sleep my usual 8hrs and had my typical meals, but i meant I played it at least 4-7 hrs each day for the week. otherwise i turn it on like 3 times a week at most.


      also is yours the old xbox or the 360 one?

    3. Brighton Express

      Brighton Express

      Oh it is the 360. The old one can't get the ring of death I believe.

    4. Grand Concourse

      Grand Concourse

      oh ok, i never had the old one and didn't know. yeah, that is very scary.

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