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  1. Just got word the R179s returned to service. Anyone have an idea how many sets?
  2. ^definetly agree with you on that last one, there is some sort of agenda to intentionally let the system fall apart to the point people demand a fix and thats when a politician comes in to "solve things". Bryford stepping down will seriously injure Cuomo's reputation (not like he has much right now anyways lol).
  3. A bunch of the A's R46 have gone thru SMS recently with a repainted bonnet. I've been noticing the SMS'ed cars since a few weeks before all of the R179s were pulled. Even caught a set passing Smith-9 on the express just fresh out of SMS from CI a few weeks ago. Seems they coincidentally chose the right time to do this.
  4. Are all cars operational or aren't some also out of service for issues such as dead motors? The ones that are able to run could see service today with this R179 bomb-out though we'll see on that.
  5. The Red Route does stop at Ditmars / 102 right before crossing the bridge to C/D. I don't understand why it doesn't stop along 23 Avenue at 94 Street. The Purple route is unreliable especially when there's heavy airport traffic. Going to be dealing with this Q72 cut tomorrow morning. I'll post what happens here.
  6. The majority of Q72 buses I've witnessed have no more than 10 people on the bus riding into the airport and maybe about 15 max on busy days. Ridership is quite low compared to the other routes stopping there but the majority of people who use it going into the airport are going to work and rely on it to get in on time. Having the Q72 at least terminate by 102 / Ditmars provides easier access to all the shuttle bus routes and the Red Route directly into the airport from there.
  7. I take the Q72 to the Airport to work daily from Rego Park. Usually I make the same interval every day so I could just figure out which one will end at 94th / 23rd and take the one that goes all the way in, but this will majorly affect my and many other's commute trying to get to work. The Purple route can be a pain showing up (have had to wait up to a half hour for one to show during the afternoon). Especially if I miss my bus and am forced to take the next one ending at 94/23 would put me into jeopardy being late. Swissport needs to interline their shuttle buses and time them to arrive with MTA buses if they're going to cut runs into the airport. EDIT: As well as let the Red Route stop at 94/23 already. That seems to run more frequently than the purple route and people like me do need to go directly to Terminal C / D from there!
  8. Just waiting to see how many 2005 Orions remaining at ENY and FP are about to be sent to scrap in the next few days / weeks. I still didn't get a ride on 6490, and unfortunately don't think I'll be able to make time for a ride before it's gone.
  9. (Credits to whoever took the vid, not mine)
  10. I'm hearing only 18 R42 cars are now active and none ran in service today except for one set in the AM rush. Is it safe to say those "rumors" were true and they are pretty much done for?
  11. It's on the B47 right now, so assuming its back at Grand.
  12. I was looking at the Q100 schedule and noticed buses don't serve Rikers between 5:30 AM and 7 AM. Is there any reason for this?
  13. Only 210 R32 cars are now active according to the TTMG roster. Did 12 get taken out of service at some point?
  14. 6548 was on the Q60 last night. Not sure if it was always at JFK, my apologies if it was.
  15. Lol mostly everyone already knew this. This was a 2017 deadline too. Now what they don't speak about is the fact these cars aren't trusted to make service to the point what they intended to replace is sticking around until the next new order comes in (211s).
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