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  1. 6243 is in service on the Q52 right now.
  2. A few of the 2005 Hybrids didn't see or barely saw any service before getting sent to scrap after being transferred to LGA. Were those intended parts buses like 6430 or actually died upon getting to LGA?
  3. 3591 has returned in service at LGA after an accident months ago crashing into a bagel shop in Woodside. Seems to have gotten a new front and some replaced panels (one with "New York City Bus" on it). Probably spare parts from retired 6500s.
  4. Here's two short clips of a very lucky catch with two Proterra All-Electric Buses #0019 and #0018 passing along Corona Avenue on the Q58 Limited in Queens. Normally one unit runs in service on this route during the AM rush however it's uncommon to catch two back to back, considering there's only five in service! Enjoy!
  5. 2926 to CP? It's on the QM40 as of this post and was on the QM31 yesterday.
  6. Thank Goodness!!!! This is a blessing to hear! As someone who's very sensitive to EMF radiation, the WiFi antenna on all buses that have it emit frequencies so strong I usually develop a migraine type headache especially when sitting too close. This is always an issue especially on the 2015-2017 XD40s and XD60s (often riding the Q70 from LGA or Q53 to the Rockaways I have to sit all the way in the back where it's the least intense and I'm still usually naseuas with a headache by the time I get off). There's no reason why the WiFi has to be so strong I can still connect to it a block or two away. There really should be some research into the potentially harmful effects of WiFi radiation before placing them inside buses and turning them up full blast right next to where people sit.
  7. That was 5990. 5987, 5991 and 5993 are working the Q53 right now.
  8. What's the status on 3591? That was the bus that crashed into a bagel shop in Woodside a few months ago. It seems to be still listed as active.
  9. 6432 and 6473 are still kicking it. They were out this morning on the Q27 LTD and Q46 LTD respectively (just like yesterday evening). 6432 actually runs nice and doesn't sound like it's struggling like the rest of the First gens. Although 6473 definitely has a shot battery.
  10. For those of you who are curious; 6412 M5 6418 M4 6423 M3 All in service right now. Seems to be the last three running for now.
  11. That and they still don't fully trust the R179s to hold down service, which is why nothing has been retired yet.
  12. On 6418 right now and this thing is shot. Engine keeps revving up fully while barely taking off, then once moving it doesn't stop revving until the bus completely stops even when braking. We're going not even 5MPH and the engine is screaming. I'm really going to miss these things. This the only Green sign at MV doing a run in service right now.
  13. Don't know why but this was also at ECH on the other side by itself.
  14. This personally rips my heart out. Such a sad sight to see. 6365 and 6489 are here too but this wouldn't cooperate adding the photos. For some reason 8971 and 9006 are still there. A D60 appears to have been reserved too (117 or 127) all the way in the back. That red Triboro Fishbowl I didn't see back there anymore... The amount of 6300s - 6400s there kills me though lol
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