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  1. This video is a year old according to someone in the comments. Note the absence of any distancing stickers and that set hasn't returned to service yet.
  2. Hearing it's the 5-car sets that have more major issues as those were the later cars in the order and rushed through production as quick as possible. The R160s should stick on the for a little bit.
  3. That set ran in service this morning as a along with two other sets on the and one . That set deadheaded to Pitkin yard around 2 PM. There are currently two R32 sets in service on the for midday and one laid up in the back of Parsons. No R32s are scheduled to run on the today for PM.
  4. I'm aboard 6532 and there's a paper sign on the Driver's cab reading "NIGHT CAR" in big letters. Any idea what this means?
  5. Although this may change at anytime, there are currently four Siemens and three half-cuomo sets on the . Tomorrow morning should see at least three R160s out of Rockaway Park including 8888.
  6. Isn't there a feature that unlocks all of the storm doors from the cab immediately in case of an evacuation? (Unsure about re-locking, perhaps that's why it's not used)
  7. Funny that this was mentioned; two weekends ago I caught an R68A in regular D service. This used to be a common thing to use 1-2, occasionally 3 sets from the B on weekends around 2011-2 I recall.
  8. I remember someone mentioning that the Line's R62A fleet gets washed at 207 Street yard however that wash is designed for B-Division sized cars thus the brushes don't reach all the way to the sides & ends of the car. (This is what I've observed being mentioned before. Open to clarification on this)
  9. There's a mixed Alstom (S 9693-7) and Siemens (9007-3 N) roaming the . It went southbound towards Far Rockaway but didn't return up (possible Rockaway Park deadhead?)
  10. There are still the same 10 or more sets in service especially rush hours, however middays usually see less (around 5 or more). Last weekend around 10-15 sets were in service, I would guess more sets were borrowed on weekends to service the R46s in the meantime. The will need their sets back very soon, sometime in the next week or two although there's no further word as of now exactly when.
  11. 8718-8722 has returned to Jamaica and is on the right now. This was part of the first passenger service set on the in 2006.
  12. There is still one pair signed as on the front, numbers unknown (whoever goes to the front of the Manhattan bound platform there can see)
  13. Just witnessed 3628 from LGA pulling into ENY. Assuming this has something to do with CMF work rather than a depot transfer which is why I posted this here.
  14. So I witnessed another mention that the R179 cars have some parts supplied by WABTEC including the link part that separated taking them OOS. Any more details on this? This would be quite alarming if true considering that now they're replacing all of their older reliable diesel work units with... WABTEC built hybrid - electric diesels
  15. I am almost certain that I did not see 3888/9 - 3732/3 - 3587/6 - 3714/5 on the before today. If I'm wrong my apologies. Also noted the complete absence of the yellow "Train Operators Cab" sticker signs on this consist.
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